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May 23rd, 2013
8:18 AM EST

Black On Black Bolitics: Left-Wing African-American Intellectuals Attack Barack Obama For Morehouse Speech..”We Deserve More Than Targeted Scorn”

Not only are the white right-wing GOPers criticizing Barry-O for his Morehouse speech, but so are black left-wingers…

May 22nd, 2013
8:34 AM EST

Ring-Wing Site Goes In On Obama’s Morehouse Speech: “Blacks Are Victimized For Being Black In Racist, Sexist, And Homophobic America”

President Obama’s speech at Morehouse College this past Sunday has gained plenty of buzz, but you know it wasn’t going to be long for those shady conservatives to have their way with what was said regarding being Black in America.

May 20th, 2013
8:20 AM EST

Quote Of The Day: Barack Obama Tells Morehouse Grads “There’s No Longer Time For Excuses For Black Men” [Video]

President Barack Obama spoke at the 129th Commencement ceremony at Morehouse College yesterday and addressed the plight of the black man.

May 17th, 2013
8:00 AM EST

Father & Son Graduate Morehouse Together! [Video]

Now, this is something to emulate!

September 28th, 2012
2:33 PM EST
October 15th, 2010
4:11 PM EST

Video Blogger Criticizes “The Mean Girls Of Morehouse”, Says Homosexuality Is An Affliction, Sign Of The End Of The World

More controversy for Morehouse. Video blogger Lydia Cotton attacks and criticizes the video blog “The Mean Girls of Morehouse” which featured three openly gay men rocking female clothing, who were later discriminated against for doing so by the college, which

January 12th, 2010
4:20 PM EST

A Lil’ Positivity, 13-Year-Old Is A Morehouse Whiz Kid

We’re amazed at this kid who is a triple major (pre-med/math/computer science) at Morehouse at only 13!!! Look under the hood to read more about him.

October 14th, 2009
11:40 AM EST

Morehouse College Bans Sagging Pants and WOMENS CLOTHES???

Morehouse College is laying down the law when it comes to school attire:

Students at Morehouse College are being held to a higher standard. The administration is preparing to enact a dress code later this month. According to the college’s

December 8th, 2014
4:04 PM EST

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