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October 24th, 2013
4:11 PM EST
May 7th, 2011
10:37 AM EST

Wanda Sykes Calls Donald Trump An Attention Whoring Racist

Gotta love it! Wanda is tellin’ it like it is!!!

May 14th, 2009
8:10 AM EST

Wanda Sykes Has Twins With Wife

Posted by Bossip Staff

Wanda Sikes and her spouse just had twins:

May 12th, 2009
7:58 AM EST

Wanda Sykes Ridiculed for Making Jokes About Idiotic Rush Limbaugh?

Posted by Bossip Staff

We have heard worse said about that punk Rush Limbaugh on the evening news:

Wanda Sykes’ jokes at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner have caused quite an upset among political and conservative commentators who feel

March 15th, 2009
5:30 AM EST

Would You Hit It??: Wanda Sykes

Posted by Bossip Staff

Fellas, after you and Wanda drank up a couple fifths of Remy, chased with 40-50 beers, and finished slap-boxing and carrying on like boys do, would you try to get in her boxers??

A few more

February 12th, 2013
4:48 PM EST
February 9th, 2013
10:58 AM EST

More Manifesto Excerpts Reveal Ex-LAPD Cop-Killer Chris Dorner Has Love For Bill Cosby, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama And Hates George Zimmerman!

He loves Michelle Obama’s bangs and would eff George Zimmerman up… Does that make this killer likable?

January 24th, 2013
8:18 AM EST

For Discussion: “Gay Is The New Black”…Do African-Americans Need To Accept Homosexuality?

Political commentator, John McWhorter, did an opinion piece on why Black people need to be more accepting to the gay community.


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