July 24th 7:00am

Were You Watching??? Lifetime Premieres Their New Reality Show ‘BAPS’ And Bougie Black Twitter Goes Crazy!

“The project blacks, the Good Times blacks, we don’t relate to that…we’re the Cosby blacks!”–SMH

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July 24th 8:07am

Beyonce & Blue Ivy Are In Chicago… And In Louisiana Too? [Video]

Beyoncé & Blue were spotted eating at a restaurant in New Orleans earlier this week.

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July 24th 7:40am

Keke Palmer Talks Whitney Houston Biopic And Backs Zendaya’s Decision To Pull Out Of Aaliyah’s [Video]

Keke Palmer is wise beyond her years. We spoke to her about the 2 biopics in production and she spoke from the heart on the subject.

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July 24th 9:03am

Chit-Chatter: Master P Makes Talks Losing Custody Of His Kids, Family Addictions, & Publicly Apologizes To His Wife On Wendy Williams [Video]

Master P addresses his divorce, losing custody of his kids, his wife’s drug addiction, his upcoming biopic and more…

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July 24th 8:33am

Would You Hit It?

This is the leathery, oops we mean legendary, Giorgio Armani we’re talking about.

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July 24th 9:20am

Jesus Take The Wheel: 11 Parents Of Nigeria’s Abducted Girls Killed By Islamic Terrorists Boko Haram

In the three months since Islamic extremists kidnapped more than 200 Nigerian schoolgirls, 11 of their parents have died, town residents say.

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July 24th 9:26am

Shady Bolitics: Republicans Demand More Subprime Loans For Black People Who Can’t Afford Them

The GOP goons have found yet another way to try and screw over minorities….just before the midterm elections. Some people just hang themselves…

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