A Lil Positivity: This Old Man From Alabama Helped The Haitians More Than YOU DID! [Video]

Helping hands from Alabama…

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Pure Comedy! Watch Jennifer Hudson’s Assistant Squeal With Delight When He Realizes She’s Buying Him A HOUSE!!! [Video]

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Magazine Covers: JET Releases Nelson Mandela Commemorative Issue


Jet pays tribute to the great South African President and civil rights activist Nelson Mandela. Continue »

A Lil Positivity: Father Drops 40 Pounds In Under Two Months To Become Live Donor For 1-Year-Old Daughter

This guy just might be the father of the year… Continue »

A Lil Positivity: Georgia Residents Save Christmas For Single Mother Of 4 Who Had Presents Stolen

KanitaKinga heartwarming update to an unfortunate story… Continue »

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