Slizzard Or Nah? Sean John Prez Busted For DWI, Claims He Was Not Intoxicated

The 2014 Skating With The Stars

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Mom In Hot Water After Branding Her Kids With Heated Sticks To Tell Them Apart “I Forgot How Much I Love Fire” [Video]

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Jesus Take The Wheel: Ephran Taylor” Pastor Eddie Long’s “Good Buddy” Robs Congregation Of Millions [Video]

SMH @ Ephran’s wife rocking the “east coast” and not wanting to answer any questions…

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Video Shows Police Punching Gay Chick In The Abdomen Like She’s Cotto At Pride Fest [Video]

What could she have done or said to make him go HAM on her ribs like that with those brutal uppercuts?

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High School Teacher-Coach ‘Andre Brown’ In Court Today After Admitting To Having Sex With Student [Video]

Guy’s a dirtbag…

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