Fill ‘Er Up: NY Woman Caught Smuggling 645 Oxy Pills Inside Her Various Body Cavities!

Ebony William

How exactly did she know she could get that much…”stuff” inside of her? Continue »

Substitute Teacher Found With Cache Of Child P0rn Tries To Commit Suicide! [Video]

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Shady Abortion Doctor Headed To Trial For Capital Murder And Could Be Sent To Death Row In “House Of Horrors” Clinic Case In West Philly

dr. kermit gosnell

Remember this guy who had the rogue abortion clinic in Philadelphia where they were giving women STDs and snapping spinal chords of newborn babies???? Continue »

Accuser Took Stand In Steubenville R@pe Trial And The Conviction May Not Be End [Video]

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7-Hoes And A Pimp Named “Levi The Handler” Arrested For Slangin’ [Video]

They have GOT to be kidding with Levi The Handler’s age…

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Mom Arrested For Setting Up This Fight Video With 12-Year Old Girls And Daughter [Video]

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