60-Year-Old Man Who Has Been Killing People For Decades Thanks One-Time For Finally Catching Him…”I Couldn’t Sleep At Night”

lucius crawford

Sheeeeeeeettttt, anyone who has been killing folks for decades should never ever have a good night’s sleep… Continue »

R.I.P. Lil’ Man: 7-Year-Old Boy Beaten To Death By His Parents After Lying About The Bible!! [Video]

He was killed by his parents because he didn’t read the good book or do his homework. Continue »

The Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Woman Popped For Shooting Up Husband While He Held Their Baby In His Arms

lisa guerra romo

Apparently, this lady was too batty to realize that she might hurt the child in the process, but what’s up with that black eye?!? Continue »

Aspiring Adult Film Star And Her Pops Are Popped After Police Discover They’re The Parents Of A Precious Tot

big papa

SMH @ them getting caught after the Dad tried SELLING video footage he shot of her getting chopped down by another girl!!! Continue »

Suspect Arrested In Deadly Subway Attack In NY And Witness’ Interviewed About Not Helping! [Video]

No Excuse… You’re A Punk For Snapping Photos Of The Man Pushed On The Tracks And Not Helping Instead!

Continue »


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