Black Gets Treated Different: 7-Year Old Boy Handcuffed And Interrogated By Police Over $5 Dollar Lunch Room Scuffle… Parents Suing! [Video]

Trying to get this kid used to the system too early. Continue »

Hate Crimes: 3 Men Prosecuted In California For Attack On Interracial Couple Because “A White Man Was With A Black Woman”

perry jackson, tyler, hammett

This is sad, but unfortunately a reality that we still deal with daily in America’s society… Continue »

Catch Fade: Ohio Man Tackles And Punches Ex-GF In Court Before Bailiff Electrocutes Him! [Video]

Screen shot 2013-01-30 at 8.54.45 AM

It takes big cajones to beat up a woman in a courtroom…SMH Continue »

Drugs Are Bad M’Kay: 2 Bronx Women Caught At Customs Rockin’ Yayo Filled Duct Tape Diapers!!!


SMH will drug dealers ever run out of creative ways to smuggle their product into America? Continue »

Hoodrat “Momma’s House Childcare Worker” Popped For Kidnapping Kids Forcing Them To Shoplift [Video]

Why is the mom sticking up for her daughter who took babies out of her house-job to make them into young criminals? It’s on tape!!!! Continue »


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