The Side-Eye: Nelly Claims He Had NO Idea His Bus Was Laced With “That H”, The Sticky-Icky, And A Gat

“If you wanna go and take ride with me, leave ya her-on, leave ya pistol and leave ya trees…” Continue »

White Man Attacks A Young Black Kid On Bus Until An Undercover Brother Blows His Cover To Save Day! [Video]

You see this kind of stuff and wonder how “some folks” have the audacity to say Trayvon Martin may have provoked the incident. Continue »

Hide Ya Kids: Couple Gets Evicted After Landlord Finds Infant Boy Buried In Their Backyard

Some people really should NOT be allowed to have more children… Continue »

Locked Up: Rick Ross’ Ratchet Rhymer Gunplay Has Turned Himself In To Po-9 Over Armed Robbery Warrant

It’s not just a name, it’s a lifestyle… Continue »


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