Wait, What? Chad Johnson Pleads NOT Guilty To Misdemeanor Battery Charge For Dappin’ Up Evelyn’s Dome

Is Chad finally accepting that it’s over? Continue »

Texas Raper Convicted Of Sexually Assaulting 11-Yr Old That Escaped After Sentencing… Caught On Toilet! [Video]

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Drugs Are Bad M’Kay! PA Woman Tries To Make $$ Flagging Down Motorists And Offering To Strip For Them

jackie hatter

SMH at her “mumbling incoherently and fighting with officers”… Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: Woman Dead After Getting Illegal Butt Implants From Fake Doctor In Georgia

Is a big ole booty really worth your life??? Continue »

Chad “Head Bussa” Johnson Charged With Domestic Battery!!!!

Ochostinko just can’t have a good week… Continue »


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