You Can’t Be Serious: Hospital That Called One-Time On Woman Who Died From Blood Clots In Jail Says They “Acted Appropriately”

Anna Brown

St. Louis Hospital Defends Their Actions After Homeless Woman Dies In Jail Cell Where She Was Taken After Refusing To Leave Emergency Room

The hospital that called one-time on poor Anna Brown, sending her to a jail cell where she died, claims they’ve done nothing wrong. Continue »

Diary Of The Worst Mother: Woman Arrested When Maggots Found In Her Kid’s Diaper

michelle butler

Woman Jailed For Maggots In Child’s Diaper

This is some disgusting isht.

Michelle Butler, 20, is facing charges after nurses found maggots in her 10-month old baby’s diaper, reports

The South Carolina mother took her sick baby to a neighbor’s home, who immediately noticed that the child had a fever and was tugging on his ear. After telling Butler that the baby needed medical attention, the neighbor called 911. Butler said that she stopped giving her baby his medicine because she accidentally spilled it, reports NBC affiliate, WYFF.

A police officer accompanied the baby to the emergency room and when the nurses removed his diaper several maggots fell out, reports CBS. Police subsequently checked Butler’s apartment, discovering baby essentials such as food and formula amidst extreme filth.

That’s absolutely digustimo. She should go to jail for being nasty even if she didn’t have a kid. Yuck.


Pic via NewsOne

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