How Much Did They Weigh?: Evil Swirling Parents Of 8 Arrested For Starving 16-Yr Old Twin Boys [Video]

SMH @ The neighbor thinking that junk filled lot is them “keeping up the yard.”

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Put On Blast: RHOA Nene Leakes Exposed As A Thief Charged With 3 Felonies In Her Shady Criminal Past!


Guess skrippin’ ain’t the only thing strange that Nene did for a lil’ change… Continue »

They’re Thugging Up There!: Police Execute TWENTY FIVE Warrants On LAX Staff! [Video]

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The Joys Of Being Black: 74-Year-Old Wrongfully Convicted Grandmother Freed After Spending Nearly Half Of Life In Prison! [Video]

A damn shame!

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“Autumn Glick” Arrested After Cursing Old Man Out At Lowes, Throwing Mulch Out Of His Truck, Then Putting Hands On Him! [Video]

All this because an old man cut you off in line, Glick?

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*Updated Comedy*: Judge Joe Brown Fresh Out Jail And Audio Of Him Going At Judge [Video]

LMAO @ This Audio…. “Joe… You Are Not The Judge Right Now!”

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