Freak-Nasty Five Finger Discount: Woman Gets Popped Swiping Adult Goodies From The Mall


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Did You Even Know? China Executes 3 Times More People Than The Rest Of The World [Video]

Frying fools up like Chicken Fried Rice!

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Another Crazy White House Fence Jumper Kicks The Dog Before Being Caught And Arrested [Video]

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Man Arrested For Giving Police Sergeant 2 Wet Willies… At The Same Damn Time! [Video]

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Black Girl Missing Alert: Alexis Murphy Search Picking Back Up In November [Video]

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They Come In All Shades: ‘Darron Deon Vann’ Is The Indiana Serial Killer [Video]

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Breaking News: Oscar Pistorius Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison [Video]

Oscar’s day of reckoning is finally here…

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