When Groupie Love Goes Wrong: Woman Puts Her Own Phone Number On Blast On National Television

ryan braun groupie

This woman got what she deserved for her stupidity. Continue »

SMH: Albert Haynesworth Can Officially Add Sexual Abuse to Rap Sheet

Good gracious! This guy can’t stay out of trouble or keep his name out of scandalous headlines! His most recent eff up with a waitress at a hotel in DC left him with a sexual abuse charge. Continue »

Still Talking That Yang: Now Toupee Face Has Something To Say About Our President’s Education

Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s “Win The White House With Slander” campaign continues. Continue »

Homewrecker Diaries: LeAnn Rimes And Eddie Cibrian Make Honest People Of Each Other

Eddie Cibrian LeAnn Rimes

Isn’t it fantastic when a Dirt Dog fairytale has a happy ending? Continue »

The Cannon-Carey Clan Will Never Be More Than A Party Of Four

Mariah Carey Twins nursery

Once Dem Babies – who are probably already three months old by now- finally get here, Nick and Mariah will not be planning another pregnancy before Mimi’s oven shuts down. Continue »


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