Wanda Sykes Calls Donald Trump An Attention Whoring Racist

Wanda Sykes Donald Trump

Gotta love it! Wanda is tellin’ it like it is!!! Continue »

Get Ya Legal Weight Up: Jigga Is About To Go To Court Over “Big Pimpin”

timbaland jay -z lawsuit

The year 2000 was a simpler time for The Camel. Continue »

Some Afternoon Birthday Cakes

Vanessa Cakes

Gotta love a girl who doesn’t mind turning around for the camera… Continue »

BALLLLIN! Amber “Baldilocks” Roses Beasts Out In Beverly Hills

Amber Rose was spotted shopping for shoes at Barney's of New York in Beverly Hills

Poppppin’ tags again??? Continue »

Janet Jackson Makes Nice With Joe’s Side Kid JohVonnie

Janet Jackson JohVonnie Jackson

While Randy and Jermaine’s baby mama continue to give Catherine hell, Janet was recently spotted out making nice with her illegitimate sister Joh’Vonnie. Continue »

Name These Vacationing Cakes

This caketastic beauty and her baller boo were spotted frollicking in the Mexican sand and surf last week. And, as always, one of her sisters was there. Can you guess who it was? Continue »

Are You Feeling Slimmy Trimmy Jenny’s BabyDoll Steez?

Jennifer Hudson in New York City

Jennifer Hudson was spotted in NYC enjoying her new favorite pastime: walking around and showing off her slimmy trimmy legs. Continue »


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