Freak Out: Celebrities That Went Crazy Before Our Eyes

fantasia crazy woman

Being a star will drive anyone crazy. In fact, it’s driven a few people off the deep end. But it’s no fun if we can’t watch, right? Continue »

SMH: Bugsy Makes His Fans Look Stupid In NYC

50 Cent Floyd Mayweather Scream 4 Screening

We truly cannot understand 50’s motivation sometimes. Continue »

Donald “CombOver” Trump Tries To Come For Bill “Pudding Pop” Cosby: “I’ve Never Been A Fan Of Cosby…”

Bill Cosby and Donald Trump Fight

Ohhhh Boy! Here We Go! After Bill Cosby had a few words to share about Donald Trump and his comb to the front with a flip back ways, Donald wasn’t to happy about what he saw and heard. Check out his statement: Continue »

What’s Wrong With This Kim K Kover???

Kim Kardashian Turkish Cosmopolitan

Kimmy Cakes is pretty upset at Cosmo for this cover… Can you figure out why? Continue »

Get Your Life Together: Frankie Shows Up For A Probation Check-In With Crack In Her System

Frankie Lons

Yesterday, the news broke that a recent visit to her probation officer’s office landed Keyshia Cole’s practically-disowned biological mother Frankie Lons in the clink. Continue »

Hate It Or Love It: Rih Rih Skanks Up “S & M” A Little More With A Britney Spears Remix

Rihanna Britney Spears S&M Remix

Just in case the original wasn’t getting old, and your local (non-urban) radio station needed a reason to keep “S&M” on replay for another 6 weeks or so Continue »

Hi Hater: Natalie “Chin” Nunn To Amber Rose.. You Can Have My Sloppy Seconds” You Fake B*tch!

Another day, another ridiculous Twitter beef. Continue »

Ladies Of The Playoffs: NBA Wives And Girlfriends We’ll See In The Post-Season

ciara main

The NBA Playoffs are coming! It’s that time of the year when America’s eyes are glued to the television to watch Kobe, LeBron and the rest of NBA’s stars. Continue »

“Hollyweird NeNe” Wants To Be The Next Oprah

NeNe Leakes Heads To Boa With Taylor Armstrong

NeNe Leakes wants more out of life than being a loud-mouth-reality star-bootleg housewife. She has dreams of being the next Oprah… Continue »


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