The Fuzz Visits Charlie Sheen’s Residence And Confiscate His Gats And Ammo

How can Charlie continue his life as a “Vatican assassin” if the police take all his guns??? Continue »

The Bad Girls Club Of Black Hollywood

Lil Kim VMAs

If you put all the women included in this list in a room together, you would have one of three things Continue »

Exclusive: Page Six Magazine Manipulated Breezy Quotes To Sell More Copies

Chris Brown Page Six Magazine

Yesterday afternoon, the buzz machine behind the New York Post’s Page Six Magazine released an “exclusive” quote from their big Chris Brown feature Continue »

When Pigs Fly: Now Charlie Sheen Claims His Special Brand Of Crazy Is Just An Act

Charlie Sheen interview

Unlike the rest of us, Charlie Sheen seems to have been oblivious to how his “bi-winning” and “goddess”-fawking could eventually impact his life in the real world. Continue »

Just Stop Talking!!! Breezy Says He’s Done Apologizing For Confusing Rihanna With A Punching Bag

Chris Brown

Does Breezy not realize that people have been running everything he says under a microscope for the last two years?? Continue »

Rih Rih Disses ‘Bodyguard’ Remake… ‘I Hate When Singers Do Singing Movies’

Rihanna The Bodyguard Remake
We don’t blame crotch-slinging, non-singing Rih Rih for nixing the opportunity to star in this unnecessary remake. Continue »

SMH: Lil Kim Says The Government Murked B.I.G.

Lil Kim Biggie Smalls

Oh brother. We thought she had made all of her outlandish Frank White statements by now. Continue »

The Real Real World: 5 Memorable Sistahs Made “Famous” By MTV

The Real World

Say what you want now, but “The Real World” single-handedly eschewed in the reality TV craze. Continue »

True Or False: Bravo’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta Kicking Nene Leakes To The Curb

Nene Leakes with hot pink furry thing

Looks like instead of getting a new nose, Nene should have got a new attitude. Continue »

Ho Sit Down! Fraudulent “Real Housewife Of D.C.” Michaele Salahi Dumped From “Celebrity Rehab” For Faking Addiction

Michaele Salahi Dr. Drew Pinsky

Attention Whore extraordinaire Michaele Salahi — one half of the White House party crashing couple — has been kicked off “Celebrity Rehab” for missing the one thing you need to get in. An addiction. Continue »

Twitter Files: Poor Breezy Can’t Catch A Break This Week

Chris Brown

First his little “oops! Who leaked those pics of me” stunt backfired a little, when no one believed they came from anyone other than him. Continue »


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