Where In The World Are Rih Rih And Her Ratted Red Wig Today??

Rihanna shops at Underwear store IM and Christian Louboutin before going out for dinner at Beps's.

Today, Rih Rih, her Ratted Red Wig and boo boo Melissa Forde are in Australia, doing what they do best Continue »

Kimmy Cakes’ Days As A Recording Artist Are Over!!

Kim Kardashian The Dream studio

This is a picture of Kim Kardashian on her very last day in the studio… for now. Continue »

Happy Birthday Birdman!

Dear Bryan “Birdamn/Baby” Williams,
Considering what goes on in New Orleans daily, we are really happy that you made it to your 42nd birthday Continue »

Meet NeNe’s Newest Victim BFF

Bravo Housewives Taylor Armstrong and NeNe Leaks

As promised, NeNe Leakes has effectively relocated her shenanigans to Los Angeles. Continue »

To Whom Does This Henna’d Up Hand Belong?

Henna on the hand ring finger

Guess who was attention whoring it up again on Twitter by showing off their newest “tat”? This one should be a cinch. Continue »

Tale Of The Tape: Who Wins Between Rihanna And Ciara In These 10 Categories?

rihanna vs ciara

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Ci-Error and Rih Rih had a short beef on Twitter that got us ready for a fight. Then it disappeared. Boo. That doesn’t stop us from stirring the pot! Continue »

Hi Hater: Louis Farrakhan Blasts Rih Rih And White Folks, But Praises The Church Of Scientology???

The ever-irreverent Minister Louis Farrakhan is back on his bull-sh*t and gives people a piece of his mind about Redheaded Rih-Rih and boy oh boy do we feel him! Continue »

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Foxy Brown BET Rip The Runway

There are two things slightly off about Foxy Brown on the red carpet at the taping of BET’s Rip The Runway in New York last night. Can you tell what they are? Continue »

Seen On The Scene: On The Red Carpet At BET’s Rip The Runway (Gallery)

Birdman Calls Out Jay-Z & Talks About Getting A 100-Million Dollar Check


Birdman has always been the one to say some questionable things Continue »


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