Yung Berg’s Alleged Baby Mama Says He Doesn’t Acknowledge Autistic Son

Yung Berg

A young woman claiming that she is Yung Berg‘s baby’s mother is stating that he is not only a “punk a**”, but also calls him a dead beat dad. Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: Qu’ran Burning Pastor Cashes In On His Ignorance

Terry Jones

Sadly, we’re pretty sure when preacher of hate Terry Jones came up with the hair-brained idea to commemorate 9/11 with more hatred, it was because he knew he could probably make some profit off of it. And sadly enough, he was right. Continue »

Yup! Gilbert Arenas Is Still A Dumba**

Gilbert Arenas Washington Wizards

After 30 days in a halfway house and some months without a paycheck, Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas is still displaying some questionable judgement. Continue »

Cry Me A River: DC Housewives’ Cat Blames Bravo Show For Ruining Her Life

Cat Ommanney Real Housewives of DC

Long before fans had the chance to meet the Real Housewives of DC, London-born attention whore Cat Ommanney had tapped out of the series. Continue »

T.I. Offers Post-Heroic Words Of Wisdom… Even If They’re Not All Real Words

TI Performing at For Sisters Only in Atlanta

In one of several interviews he’s granted following his latest act of heroism, T.I. says he can’t understand how anyone could “proposturalize such poppycock” as to think he somehow was involved in planning a man’s attempted suicide. Continue »

Nelly Shouts Out Bossip At The BET Hip-Hop Awards So… Where’s The Beef?

Nelly Just A Dream Platinum Plaque

If you watched the BET Hip-Hop Awards last night, you might have caught St. Louis’ favorite son giving yours truly an on-air shout out. But it wasn’t out of love. Continue »

Antoine Dodson “I’m Going To Try My Best Not To Be Another Britney Spears”

Antoine Dodson

It’s no secret that Antoine Dodson has been Making It Rain On Them Hoes ever since his live news appearance went viral. Now the internet sensation is speaking out about his newfound fame, Bishop Eddie Long and whatever happened to “homeboy” that broke into his sisters apartment. Continue »

Little Girl Sit Down: Suing ‘Dora’ Made $100K A Year, Still Had A Job Before The Lawsuit

Caitlin Sanchez Dora The Explorer

Ok, we don’t wanna call the 14-year-old a ho when she was the voice of Dora The Explorer for three years. But she needs to sit down. Continue »

10 Memorable Celebrity Kisses

Amber Rose Kanye West Lick Kiss

While some celebs shy away from personal displays of affection, other couples like Kanye and Amber and T.I. and Tiny are known to stake their claim in the public eye. Continue »

Some Afternoon Cakes Chad OchoCinco Likes Chopping Down


Reality “star” and cakes model Ophilia aka “Just Right” has graduated from “For The Love Of Ray J 2″ reject and Trey Songz sidepiece to NFL jumpie for Chad OchoCinco so we figured we’d share some recent shots of her with you. Continue »

RHOA’s Sheree Whitfield Has A Doctor Suitor That Is Just As Fake As Her

TiYe Muhammad Real Housewives of Atlanta Sheree's Date

Dr. Ti-Ye Muhammad, who spent a good portion of the televised part of his date on “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” with Sheree Whitfield telling her how real he is, is as much a doctor as she is a designer. And he might not have ever been exposed if he wasn’t such an attention whore. Continue »

Divorces: From Ho To Housewife Now Back To Ho For Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera Jordan Bratman Max Bratman

Christina Aguilera is ready to drop her hubby Jordan Bratman like a bad habit… Probably because she’s tired of supervised carpet munching and having to share and ready to go back to being a full time FREAK! Continue »

In A$$hole/D-Bag News: Kanye West Admits “I Was A Spoiled Brat”

VMA Kanye West Amber Rose Hennessy

Kanye West is still selling his sob story of how sorry he is for robbing poor Taylor Swift of her VMA moment and how he failed to properly mourn his mother’s death. This week Vanity Fair is buying. Check out the excerpts below: Continue »

To Bishop Long-Stroke: A Formal ‘Dirty Ho Sit Down’ Request

Reuben Armstrong

Just when things were starting to quiet down for Daddy Long Dong Stroke-em, a Dallas-based talk-show host has done what has yet to cross the minds of anyone at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. Continue »