C’mon Sarah … Just Answer the Question Already!

Every time Sarah ‘Pistol’ Palin opens her mouth, you can pretty much expect more of the same – mindless rhetoric, ignorant criticism and empty chatter – and when she’s not doing that, she’s avoiding answering a straightforward question with a straightforward answer. Continue »

BP’s Playing the Blame Game, Goes After Halliburton for $80 Billion

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the oil rig explosion that claimed the lives of 11 men and resulted in the spillage of millions of barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Well, instead paying some sort of tribute to the lives lost and updating the public on what’s been done Continue »

Are White Men Really The New Racially Oppressed Group in America?

Ever since the media began reporting on various statistics that people of color will become the new majority by 2050 in the United States and throughout most of the globe, there have been parallel reports circulating about the plight of the oppressed white guy.

Yeah, you read that correctly. White men, who have long lived off of the divine privilege of whiteness, are now pulling out of the ole’ proverbial race card and claiming that their whiteness is somehow prohibiting them from moving ahead in society.

You need a second to stop laughing? Sure, I’ll wait. Okay, got that out of your system? Good. Let’s continue.

Break Bread With President Obama For A Small Fee…


What would you pay to sit down for a hearty meal, with America’s #1 man, President Obama?! Continue »

Our FLOTUS Rocks!!! Here’s Why…

Michelle Obama

It should be no surprise to you that we adore our fabulous First Lady Michelle Obama. Continue »

President Obama Puts His Foot Down … No More Sending U.S. Jobs Overseas

Does this mean the days of our customer service calls being transferred to India are over? It’s hard not to get frustrated with someone dealing with your money, credit card and cell phone accounts when there’s a gaping language barrier. Continue »

While We Whine The World is at War: Libyan City Official Pleads to NATO, ‘If They Don’t Come We Will Die’

Bossip Fam, sh*t is real in other parts of the world. Living in constant fear that this type of unrest could go down at any given moment is unimaginable. Even though Washington has taken the hands off approach, at what point is it negligent to do nothing?

Misurata, the only rebel-held city in western Libya, has asked that NATO troops be sent to fight alongside the rebels holding off Libyan forces, a local government representative said Tuesday.

“If they don’t come, we will die,” Continue »

Put On Blast: NBC Exec Says Ol’ Toupee Face Is Talking That Presidential Yang For Ratings

Donald Trump

Surprise! Donald Trump is an attention whore who will do whatever it takes and throw anyone under the bus to blow his sh*t up. Continue »

Elsewhere In The World: Middle Eastern Nations Meet To Deal With The Realness Of Sh*t In Yemen

Protesters in Yemen

Oh yeah. Because sh*t is real in Yemen too, in case you didn’t know. Continue »

WORSER: 125 Cops Laid Off In Patterson, New Jersey

Paterson New Jersey police

This might not sound like a big deal to some of you. But please believe it is. Continue »

Another Day, Another Sleeping Traffic Controller… The FAA Isn’t Having It Anymore

Despite the FAA firing the head person making sure Traffic Controllers are doing what they’re supposed to do Continue »


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