Struggling Single Mother Sells Handwritten Letter From President Obama To Stay In Her Home

Single mother of three, Destiny Mathis, was at the forefront of then Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama’s campaign of “change” in 2008. Continue »

Bolitics: President Obama Will Have To Up The Ante To Get Re-Elected In 2012

Will his message of “Hope” and “Change” be enough to win another 4 years on Pennsylvania Ave.?? Continue »

5 Pakistani Informants Popped For Helping CIA Find Osama bin Laden’s Little Lair

al Qaida leader  Osama Bin Laden

Damn, homies…in America these cats would be the man, homie… Continue »

A-List Hollyweird Stars Make It Rain At Michelle Obama’s Fundraising Dinner In Los Angeles!!

Damn right, some of these silver screen stars are makin 10, 15, 20 million per movie. Come off them stacks!! Continue »

You Done Messed Up Now: President Obama Kindly Suggests That Congressman “Let Me Show You My” Weiner Sits His A** Down

President Obama Congressman Weiner

Over the last few days, every single Democrat in offense who has been asked, has told New York congressman Anthony Weiner to take his sexting and twitpic-ing self out of office. Continue »

First Pics Of Gabrielle Giffords After Crazy & Deranged “Arizona Massacre” Psycho Gunman Shot Her In The Head

gabrielle giffords after shooting

Good to see Gabrielle Giffords making progress in her recovery after being victim to crazed “skinhead lookin” gunman, Jared Loughner, in Arizona months ago: Continue »

A Lil Racism For Ya: Alabama Passes Most Segregational Immigration Laws To Date

alabama governor illegal laws

Eat your heart out, Arizona. Alabama is going to out-racist you. Continue »


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