Stashin: Osama bin Laden Had Cash And Phone Numbers Sewn In His Clothes When He Was Murked

osama bin laden

Looks like someone was preparing to get his flee on before his wig was split: Continue »

White House Watches As Osama bin Laden Dies…Pakistan Had “No Idea” al Qaeda Leader Was Hiding In Abbottabad

Barack Obama And White House Watch As Osama bin Laden Is Killed in Pakistan

Okay, so we have the photo of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and other folks at the White House watching the death/raid of Osama bin Laden…but we still have no picture of the body: Continue »

For Discussion: Does This Whole Bin Laden Situation Really Mean Anything?

Celebration outside the White House following Osama Bin Laden announcement

All day, every single media outlet – including us, we know – has been talking about Osama bin Laden’s death… Continue »

A Lil Relief: Catching Bin Laden Lowered Gas Prices…For A Few Minutes.

high gas prices

As soon as news of Bin Laden’s death hit the world, everyone wondered, “what does this mean for us?” Continue »

Quote Of The Day

Bin Laden's Pakistani compound

“I don’t know where bin Laden is. Continue »

Isn’t He Married??? Canada’s “Future Prime Minister” Caught Naked In Brothel With 5′ 10″ Asian Prostitute

jack layton and wife olivia chow

Damn, we wonder how much 5’10” Asian hoes are going for these days…. Continue »


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