Pure Comedy: Even Faux News Head Honchos Think Sarah Palin Is An Idiot And The Republicans Are Out There Fawking Up

Roger Ailes Fox News Sarah Palin

Poor thang! It might just be time for Sarah Palin to take her maverick a$$ back to Alaska, where none of us have to worry about her at all anymore. Continue »

Sh*t Is Real In Syria: Death Toll From Continuing Protest Reaches 900


While Osama was getting got, Mubarak was getting the boot and Qaddafi was justifying his crazy, the people of Syria have continued to fight for their causes with a much less global attention Continue »

Does The Sperminator Have More Side Seeds Floating Around Out There??

Arnold Schwarzenegger

We’re not quite sure what makes actress Jane Seymour an expert on the activities of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s peen… but she seems fairly confident in her knowledge of what it’s been up to. Continue »

Barack Obama On Raiding Pakistan Again: “Hell Yeah We’d Do It Again If Necessary”

barack obama raid pakistan

President Barack Obama said he would approve a new incursion into Pakistan if the United States found another leading militant there Continue »

Sh*t Gets Deeper: Meet The Sperminator’s Other Two Mistresses

Arnold Schwarzenegger Maria Shriver cheating

Arnold Schwarzenegger is about to knock Cheetah Woods and Jesse James as America’s most hated dirt dog. Continue »

Bolitics: President Obama To Speak Tonight About The Affairs Of The Middle East

President Barack Obama

Tonight we encourage you all to tune in to The Presidents speech, it should be VERY interesting. Continue »

Hi Hater! Obama Campaign Team Makes Bank Off Trump’s Birther Bust

When Donald Trump toyed with the idea of running for President Continue »

Dirty Dog Diaries: Dominique Strauss-Kahn Quits His Job As IMF Chief, Madam Comes Out Saying He Was “Rough And Aggressive” With The Hoes

kristin davis dominique strauss kahn

ISHT keeps hitting the fan for the guy right here!!

Head of the IMF Dominique Strauss-Kahn sensationally quit his post today, amid fresh claims that he paid an infamous brothel madam $2,500 for escort girls. Continue »


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