Elsewhere In The World: Uganda Is About To Pass A “Kill The Gays” Law

uganda gay law

It looks as though the highly controversial “Kill The Gays” law in Uganda is about to become a reality. Continue »

You Knew This Was Coming: Bin Laden’s Seeds Call Shenanigans On The U.S. For Murking Their Pops

Omar Osama bin Laden

Surprise: the sons of bin Laden are not very happy with how their father was taken out of the game once and for all. Continue »

Hide Ya Ovaries: If You’re A Woman On Welfare, This Politician Wants To Tie Your Tubes

john labruzzo louisiana

Want to know the solution to all of the world’s problems? Continue »

World Of Lies: Pastor Made Up Story About Being A Navy Seal…And Stole The Details From A Steven Seagal Flick!

lying pastor

After Operation: Shoot Osama In The Facehole, Navy SEALS are becoming the coolest group of people in America. Continue »

Ladies, Would You Hit This??

Aaron Schock Cover Men's Health

Here is U.S. Representative Aaron Schock (IL) on the cover the June issue of Men’s Health flexing his lil Congressman-Banger abs. Continue »

Divorces: It’s A Wrap For Maria Shriver And The Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger

Maria Shriver Arnold Schwarzenegger wedding

After 25 years of matrimony-dom, Maria Kennedy Shriver looks like she might be ready to chunk Arnold the deuces. Continue »

Wal-Mart’s Latest Victim: South Africa

Osama bin Laden Couldn’t Get It Up??? al Qaeda Leader Found With Viagra Pills

bin laden viagra

All these new bin Laden findings are pure comedy. Now they’re saying ole boy was using Viagra! Continue »

For Discussion: Nearly Two-Thirds Of Americans Believe Obama Should NOT Have Released Photos Of bin Laden’s Dead Body

barack obama osama bin laden

According to a recent poll “most Americans” agree with Obama’s choice not to release images of a dead bin Laden: Continue »

Elsewhere In The World: Sh*t Is Still Real In Iraq

Iraqi Prison after riot

While the world’s eyes have been on other parts of the Muslim world, the Iraqis haven’t exactly been chilling. Continue »

The N-Word Still Lingers On California Graves

Shady bin Laden Home Videos To Be Released, Officials Say He Was Hiding In Pakistan For 7 Years

osama bin laden home videos to be released

We will never see pictures of bin Laden’s dead body, but we will get to see his home videos! Continue »


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