Random Ridiculousness: President Obama Is NOT Muslim, But Nearly 1 In 5 Americans Think He Is

Obama cross

This is pure ridiculousness… A recent study shows that the number of people who ERRONEOUSLY believe President Barack Obama practices Islam is getting higher. Kinda makes no sense, considering Obama has been outspoken about his Christian faith! Continue »

Shirley Sherrod Should Keep It Moving

shirley sherrod

We assumed Shirley Sherrod would sue the heck out of the Agriculture Department and keep it moving, but it looks like she’s headed to Washington, D.C. to hash out the situation with her former bosses, including Tom Vilsick, the United States Secretary of Agriculture. Continue »

Should The N-Word Be Banned…Again?

nword ban

Every few years, a discussion comes up as to whether or not we should ban the N-word. Usually, it happens after some closeted celebrity bigots finally loses it in public and show just exactly what he or she thinks of black folks. Continue »

Glenn Beck Schedules Rally On MLK Day, Says “Blacks Don’t Own Martin Luther King”

glenn beck vs al sharpton

Black activists are in an uproar over Glen Beck’s plans to hold a rally on the anniversary of MLK’s famous “I Have A Dream Speech.” Continue »

Faux Fox News Donates $1 Million To Republicans

Rupert Murdoch and Fox News Donate $1 Million To Republicans

Fair and balanced huh? Now how can Faux Fox News possibly provide objective reporting on political issues AND financially back the Republican party to the tune of $1 million bucks? Continue »

Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s N-Word Rant Inspires Hawaiian Lawmaker To Create Resolution Banning The Word

Dr Laura Schlessinger

Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s racial slur-filled radio rant has inspired a Hawaiian politician to consider proposing a possible ban on the N-word. Continue »

President Barack Obama’s Statements Regarding Ground Zero Mosque Causing Big Stir With Those Hatin’ A$s Republicans

barack obama mosque

Those shady Republicans stay hating:

Republicans on Sunday criticized President Obama for comments about a proposed mosque near New York’s ground zero, suggesting that the matter will escalate into a significant campaign issue leading into the November midterm elections. Continue »

Barack Obama To Help Secure The Border, Expected To Approve Bill Providing $600 Million For Security

U.S. President Barack Obama

President Obama will sign a bill Friday that provides $600 million in emergency funding to help secure the U.S.-Mexico border. Continue »

Riots Erupt As Thousands In Atlanta Scramble For Section 8 Housing Waiting List

section 8 waiting line

A near riot took place in Atlanta after city officials staged an event to hand out applications for section 8 housing. Continue »

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

George W. Bush in Haiti

George W. Bush was spotted in Haiti on an aid trip. We can’t figure out what exactly he’s doing actually. Continue »

Haitian Presidential Opponent “Sweet Mickey” Says Wyclef ‘Doesn’t Know The Country’

Michel Martelly Vs. Wyclef

Wylclefs’ Presidential opponent Michel Martelly publicly announced his intentions to run against Wyclef in the upcoming Haitian election. Although he spoke highly of Wyclef’s decision to run, he also added some ‘interesting’ facts about his relationship with ‘Clef and the people of his impoverished country. Continue »

House Members Cut $12 Billion From Food Stamp Fund

Food Stamps

During one of the worst national recessions the government has decided to cut $12 billion from the Food Stamp fund, potentially effecting 41 million Americans. Continue »

Alaska Plane Crash Claims The Life Of Former Senator Ted Stevens And Four Others, Investigators Search For Answers

prop plane

Alaska trailblazer and former Senator Ted Stevens is dead at 86 after a plane carrying him and eight other passengers crashed into the side of a mountain Monday night. Treacherous weather is believed to have caused the accident. Continue »

Taliban Publicly Flog, Then Execute Pregnant Woman With Three Shots To The Head For “Illicit Affair”

Taliban Public Execution

This is just nuts. A pregnant Afghan woman was publicly executed this weekend after being flogged. The 35-year-old widow was accused of having an affair that resulted in her pregnancy. The man who allegedly partnered with her was not punished. Continue »

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