John ‘Crybaby’ Boehner Blames Obama for High Gas Prices and Predicts He Will Not be Re-Elected in 2012

Republican Speaker of the House, John ‘the crying man’ Boehner, took aim at the Obama administration faulting him for rising gas prices. “Running on empty: Obama administration does nothing Continue »

Pure Comedy: People Aren’t Really Sure Toupee Face Trump Was Born In The U.S. Either

Donald Trump

See what happens when you try to dig up dirt on people? You get dirty yourself. Continue »

Busted: Anti-Marijuana Politician Popped For Smoking Weed

robert watson weed

When will these politicians learn that they can’t hide anything these days? Continue »

NY Rapist Refuses Government Paid Heart Transplant

Rapist Kenneth Pike turns down heart transplant, after a heated debate. Continue »

Bye Haters: CNN Has Found Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate

obama birth certificate

Can we finally end this nonsense already? Continue »

For Discussion: Should Air Traffic Controllers Have Naps Scheduled Into Their Shift?

Air Traffic Control

The air traffic controllers’ union thinks they figured out how to solve the issue of controllers falling asleep on the job. Continue »

Still Talking That Yang: Now Toupee Face Has Something To Say About Our President’s Education

Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s “Win The White House With Slander” campaign continues. Continue »

SMH: Bristol Palin’s Baby Daddy Levi Is Writing A Tell-All About Her Mom…

levi johnston

Levi Johnston, the guy who fathered Bristol Palin’s child is penning a “Tell-All” called Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: That Royal Wedding Barely Anyone Cares About Is Going To Cost $________

Prince William Catherine Kate Middleton

Remember a couple of months ago when British students were protesting the government’s plan to make higher education budget cuts? Continue »

Barack Obama And Family Attend Church Service In DC On Easter Sunday

barack hussein obama

President Barack Obama and his family attended the Easter Sunday service at Shiloh Baptist Church, which was founded by freed slaves in 1863. Continue »

Easter Mass Draws Large Crowd To Hear Pope Speak, Number Of Atheists Doubled In 10 Years

easter mass pope

Pope Benedict XVI urged an end to fighting in Libya, using his Easter Sunday message to call for diplomacy and peace in the Middle East. Continue »

EFF A Thug: Egyptian Court Bans Name And Face Of Former Dictator

Hosni Mubarak

How’s this for a Ho Sit Down? Continue »


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