Donald “I Have A Good Relationship With The Blacks” Trump Is NOT Running For President Of The United States Of America

donald trump

Thank goodness this jacka$$ has come to his senses!!!

Donald Trump ended his months-long public flirtation with a 2012 presidential run Monday Continue »

Newt Gingrinch Calls President Obama A “Food Stamp President,” Turns Around And Says He’s Not Racist

Newt Gingrich

SMH. We have to listen to this fathead talk for fifteen more months. Continue »

It’s A New Day: Haiti Inaugurates President Michel Martelly [Photos]

Haiti's First Family (l-r) Olivier, Malaika, President Michel Martelly, 1st Lady Sophia, Yanni and Sandro

Former musician Michel Martelly became Haiti’s 56th president yesterday, in a moment which he called “a victory for the people.” Continue »

Luke Campbell Excluded From Spanish-Only Mayoral Debate

Luther Campbell

Luther Campbell’s campaign run for Mayor of Miami just got racist. Continue »

Taliban Revenge: Suicide Bombers Murk 80 People To Avenge Osama bin Laden’s Death

taliban revenge suicide bombers kill 80 people

80 dead and 120 injured thanks to some bin Laden stans:

A pair of suicide bombers attacked recruits leaving a paramilitary training center in Pakistan on Friday, killing 80 people Continue »

Some Morning Fug: Senator Describes Bin Laden Death Photos Lots Of “Brains Draped Out His Eye Socket”

Senator James Inhofe

If you’re not into brain matter and dead terrorists in their skivvies you probably don’t want to see the photos of Bin Laden right after he was killed. Continue »

Bolitics: Jermaine Dupri Rocks The Vote For Atlanta High School

Jermaine Dupri and Kenny Burns

Finally… some good news to report about Jermaine Dupri! Continue »

It’s Still Raining On The Haters: Obama’s Approval Rating Continues To Climb

We knew that Obama would find a rise in popularity after getting Osama shot in the fact, but he’s really doing big things. Continue »


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