Do You Know The Origins Of Black History Month? [Video]

Now you do…

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For Discussion: White GOP Chairman Says He Didn’t Know Calling Black Jacksonville Mayor “Thuggish” Was A Racial Slur


Do you find the word “thuggish” to be racist when used by a white person to describe a black person? Continue »

Full Black Juror Interview And Jordan Davis’ Parents Respond “Race Was ALWAYS An Element Of This Case” [Video]

The parents aren’t buying that “Michael Dunn was a good guy” mess. Continue »

Way-Too-Cool!: First Lady Michelle Obama On Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon Doing Skits, Talking About Daughters Not Liking The Attention, And More! [Video]

Dead @ Ew!

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Charlamagne & Friends: Folks Don’t Even Know Black History, But Be Damned If They Don’t Recognize Tyler Perry! [Video]

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Black History Month: History Behind Delta Sigma Theta Sorority [Video]

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Bogus Bolitics: New Kansas Bill Would Allow Teachers & Caregivers To Spank Kids Hard Enough To Leave Bruises


Would you want your child’s teacher or caregiver to be allowed to spank them hard enough to leave a bruise?
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