Black Broadway Stars Mob-Up Times Square In Protest Of Eric Garner NYPD Illegal Killing [Video]

These kinds of killings have been going on so long that marching, protesting, and speaking out are becoming mundane. If the choke hold is “illegal,” how in the hell is it justified?

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In Evil Racists News: The Klan Proposes “Shoot-To-Kill Immigrant Children” Policy [Video]

SMH @ The Klan rolling up in a Cruze talking about “follow us.”

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Seriously??? House Republicans Clear A Way For Government Lawsuit Against President Obama


Are there any lengths the Republicans won’t go to? Continue »

For Discussion: Have Hip-Hop Music Executives Sold Black People Out To Make Money?


Is it time to take a stand against ignorance in rap music? Continue »

Brooklyn Supremacist Post Racist Messages Against Middle Eastern Islamist In Apt Complex [Video]

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Our President Obama Kicks Back In Kansas City And Eats Ribs At The Barbecue Shack! [Video]

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TYT Says “Hannity Is A P***y” After He Prejudicially Verbally Beats Up A Palestinian Guest [Video]

“Is Sean Hannity prejudice against Palestinians and anyone against his views?”-Hypothetical

“Yes! And, he needs his face socked up!”-Bossip

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Shady Bolitics: Republicans Demand More Subprime Loans For Black People Who Can’t Afford Them

658money-e1340282617646The GOP goons have found yet another way to try and screw over minorities….just before the midterm elections. Some people just hang themselves… Continue »


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