A Man’s Best Friend: Dog “Noah” Dies Taking Bullet While Saving Family From Road Raging Lunatic [Video]

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When Animals Attack! Tiger Chomps Off Construction Worker’s Thumb At Private Florida Wildlife Park Owned By Former Yayo Boss

SMH. Why must people always test the animals? Continue »

Catch Fade: 2 Australian Kangaroo Thugs Caught On Camera Fighting In The Hood Over Turf [Video]

You can take the kangaroo out of the outback… But not the outback out of the Kangaroo. SMMFH!

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Pet Hall Of Shame: A Photo Gallery Of Animals Behaving Badly


What are you digging for little monkey?

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Neighbors Trying To Help Dog Hanging Out House Window For Month, But Humane Society Says Fido Is Just Fine! [Video]

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Who Is My Music Mogul Daddy?

L.A. Reid and his family watch his daughter, Arianna Reid, ride in the 39th Hampton Classic Horse Show at the opening day in Bridgehampton, New York.

This celebrity seed sitting pretty in her saddle is the daughter of a music exec Continue »


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