Animal Lovers: Photography Series Catches Pet Owners Giving Smooches To Their Pooches! [Photos]

Chris Sembort

We share enough dog, horse and goat humping stories around these parts that we can’t quite dismiss this photo as completely innocent
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Priorities Backwards: Folks Showing Support After Dog Rips Boy’s Face Off… And They Are Supporting “Mickey” The Pit Bull Instead Of The Child! [Video]

We don’t care who is at fault… some of us are dog owners and we still say “put that b**ch down!”
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Things Black Folks Don’t Do: Woman Hit By Car And Killed Trying To Save Her Dog! [Video]

Black folks will stand on the side and wave “come here,” but it’s rare you catch us running in the street yelling “Pepper, Peppeeeerrrr… Come Here (Kiss-kiss)!”

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Imagine That: Evil Daughter Suing Parents… Moves Back Home! [Video]

This little girl needs a spanking.

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People Ain’t Isht: Maryland H.S. Girls Tortured Austistic Teen And Forced Him Into Sex With Family Pet [Video]

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*Fixed* The Animal Behavior Struggle Is Real!: Starving Bear Goes Out On Wire For Some Vittles! [Video]

The way he’s looking down is pure comedy!

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22-Pound Cat Gangsters Whole House Attacking Dogs, Babies, And Moms Forcing Them To Find Shelter In Locked Room! [Video]

“When they kicked the cat…”

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Dog Abuse Video Goes Viral And 2 Teens Are Arrested For Gruesome Act! [Video]

Poor little feller…

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Frightening Insight: Florida “Sex Predators Unleashed” (14 Mins) [Video]

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Animal Behavior: Two Dogs Drive Off In Owner’s Truck And Crash Into River [Video]

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K. Michelle On Arsenio Hall Defending Reality Show Behavior Then Tells Him “You Look Like My Dad” [Video]

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