Saleisha Had Them Hoes Beat

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ANTM’s Saleisha was the clear favorite among the final three. Her walk is fierce and even though she’s a paper bag test candidate, we love that the girl won! She had them other hoes beat. There’s news out now that Saleisha has previous modeling experience and has even modeled for Tyra before:

Though it was made clear from the outset of the season that Saleisha had a prior relationship with Tyra Banks, having attended the supermodel’s T-Zone camp for underprivileged girls when she was 14, viewers were given no indication that the twosome’s acquaintance extended beyond that experience. Continue »

Jody’s Mom

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Aj Johnson

AJ Johnson hit the 2008 Ford Expedition Funkmaster Flex Edition Launch Party along with some other interesting characters. We see she stays on her workout plan, she is still buff as hell.

Aj Johnson2Sean Diddy CombsJimmy Jones

More pics right about now… Continue »

Fill in the Blank

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Ne-Yo Talib Kweli

An interesting group of colorful characters kicked it this weekend at Mansion Night club in Miami. Singer and Songwriter Ne-Yo had the courage to go out without his head covered up.

Fill in the Blank: You would describe Ne-Yo’s steez as ___________________.

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Get Her a Bucket of Popeyes

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This is ANTM winner Jaslene in the Bahamas over the weekend. Why did Tyra co-sign this sick look? All the weight is going to her chin. Tyra is going to get hit with a lawsuit for contributing to her death.

Is it just us or does she look sick? Eat something b*tch before you die.


ANTM Alum Yaya is Working

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Yaya DaCosta, runner up in Cycle 3 of America’s Next Top Model was photographed at the San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain yesterday. Her new film Honeydripper, starring Danny Glover and Charles S. Dutton is one of those 1950′s juke joint flicks.

Although I think I’ve seen enough 1950′s juke joint movies, it’s great to see an ANTM alum using her “fame” for something other than showing up at parties and posing in smutty magazines. Good for her.


Quote of The Day: Melyssa Ford

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‘Black Men’ Magazine decided to put a Black woman on the cover this month and ass-ilicious Melyssa Ford and ANTM’s Nik have some game to share with young kids and those with video ho aspirations:

Melyssa Ford:

I was marketing myself, doing my own merchandising, and making my own calendars and DVD’s before other women were doing that”

Oooooh, they may be teaching this in business schools one day.

ANTM’s Nik:

I also want to help young women who need guidance and role models. I would have an impact on children’s lives. I think kids nowadays need positive role models and I think giving back and helping them is very important and very much needed


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Vivica Fox Remembers to Bring Her Hairline to the Celebration

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Vivica Fox has been showing up to events recently exposing her extreme receding hairline. She celebrated her 43rd birthday last night at Sol and decided to step her wig/weave game up a few notches, now if she could leave those FUBU plastic surgeons alone she will be straight.


Vivica’s not the only one that has improved her weave swag, Remy Ma was there without her blonde bangs:


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Tyra’s Off the Market???

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Finally! Reports are saying that Tyra Banks has a new beau, NY investment banker John Utendahl. Now we can all sleep easier at night, because I was indeed tired of hearing that woman complain about not having a man.

Unfortunately, that’s not the last we will see of Tyra, she just inked a deal with the CW elogating her America’s Next Top Model contract to 2010.


Who Looked More Bangin??

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Banger Rihanna poses for cameras in the Live Earth Tokyo Pressroom, Mother-of-Five Nicole Murphy attended her new boy-toy’s Michael Strahan Charity Golf Tournament and Auction party, and Redbull thief Bre from America’s Next Top Model cycle 5 was at the Live Earth After Party in NYC.

We must ask, Who Looked More Bangin??


D-List Love: Jade and Bobby

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ANTM’s Jade showed up at an event last night with Bobby Roache, a model from Beyonce’s Irreplaceable video.

Some young model love, they look good together.

Fill in The Blank: Tyra Banks

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FILL IN THE BLANK: Tyra Banks crowned Jaslene ‘America’s Next Top Model’ because________________.

25 Cent vs. ANTM

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25 Cent appeared on America’s Next Top Model and threw Jael into the pool. During a recent interview, he said something about her being coked up at the time.

ANTM models recently were featured in Cover Magazine. Click here for more ANTM pics.

Seen on the Scene: ANTM Alums

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Eva Pigford Marcelle modeling @ Mercedes-Benz Fall 2007 L.A. Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios – Monarchy Collection – Runway

CariDee English and Nik Pace attended some functions in NYC—both went to Nylon Mag 8th Anniversary, CariDee did the Self Magazine Tighest bodies thing, and Nik was at some GQ basketball player fashion show.

Well, at least someone has a “paying” runway modeling gig! Work it, Eva!!

ANTM Swagger

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We want to know who you think is has a good chance to win this season’s America’s Next Top Model. Who looks hot? Cassandra and Dionne.

Felicia and Kathleen. Look at those legs.

Whitney and Jaslene. It may be time for Jaslene to eat a couple of buckets of Popeyes.

No thanks