Hoodrat Who Killed Woman With Fake Butt Injections Caught On Tape In 2012 Selling “Booty Injection Kits” For $600! [Video]

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Watch Hero Chase Down Crook Who Punches Then Steals 8-Year Old’s iPad And… Beats-Him-Down Like The Coward He Is [Video]

This guy really needed his arse whipped for bloodying up a little kid like that…

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The Truth Hurts: Oscar Pistorius Throws Up Again During His Murder Trial! [Video]

This guy can’t take the heat of his own acts…

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People Ain’t Isht: Maryland H.S. Girls Tortured Austistic Teen And Forced Him Into Sex With Family Pet [Video]

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Hero Police Officer And Full Time Pimp-Dope Dealer-Rapist Awaiting Sentence After Forcing 2 Girls To Do Dope And Have Sex [Video]

This guy went from hero of the town hugging and sitting next to the first lady Michelle Obama… to Continue »

Catch This Fitness Fade, Fool!! Gym Brawl At LA Fitness Leads To Folks Throwing Barbells, Trashcans, & Weights!! 6 People Arrested!! [Video]

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