Family Of Unarmed Staten Island Grandfather Killed By Shady NYPD Chokehold Speak Out [Videos]

It’s crazy how people blame violence on kids growing up without fathers while police are out here KILLING unarmed fathers... Continue »

Racist Bus Stop Stabber Tells Judge He Doesn’t Want “This Negro” Public Defender [Video]

That young brother looked like he wanted to take one…

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Viral-Thug Charged With First Degree Murder After Youtube “Bullet Proof Vest” Attempt Kills Friend [Video]

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In Freakazoid News: Teacher Popped For Chopping Down Student After Threatening Him With Failing Grades [Video]

SMH @ Her getting popped with bud in the car too…

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Teen Takes “Sex Games” Too Far At School And Is Charged With Rape After Stealing 15-Yr-Old Girls V-Card [Video]

Owen here… just had to win.

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Angry Mob Stops Carjacker From Taking A Van With Family Inside & Commences To Whip-His-Tail! [Video]

This took place in San Diego… Not Brazil.
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