Couple Popped For Putting 5-Year Old Baby In Oven As Punishment! [Video]

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Same Thing As Trayvon Martin?: Caught On Tape White Man Gets Butt Kicked In Road Rage Fight And Comes Back With Heater! [Video]

black eye footage

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*Updated* Georgia Stroller Shooting Is Full Of Lying Mud Duck Family Members And Hood Minded Behavior!: 17-Yr Old Alleged Killer Makes Court Appearance [Video]

De’Marquise Elkins’ mother 36-year-old Karimah Elkins, and his aunt, 33-year-old Katrina Elkins, were both arrested Continue »

WTF?!? French Con Artist Arrested For Impersonating A US Airways Pilot And Talking His Way Into The Cockpit!


Sounds funny, but the judge’s ruling for bail proves it’s no laughing matter… Continue »

Please Save Our Youth: 5 Teens Charged For Carjacking And Abducting 89-Year-Old Woman…Stuffed Her In Trunk Of Her Car


5 teenagers ranging from 14-17 years of age have been charged for carjacking and kidnapping an elderly woman. Continue »


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