Drugs Are Bad M’Kay: Janky Atlanta Area 6th-Grade Teacher Popped For Supplying Drugs To Teenage Girl Who Died The Next Day


This kinda isht makes you want to just say “fawk it” and home school your kids…SMH Continue »

Freakazoids: 25-Year-Old Art Teacher Popped For Sending Explicit Pics And Having Sex With Student

Jaimie Dominy Page

Another day, another skanky teacher popped for inappropriate sexual relationship with teenage boys… Continue »

You Can’t Hit A Female Like That: Raw Video Shows NJ Cop Punching Woman In Face! [Video]

Continue »

Lady Popped Selling Freaky “VHS” Flicks Door-To-Door Like Candy! [Video]

Continue »

Florida Mom Stabs Son’s Bully: Interview With Mom And Alleged Bully! [Video]

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News Crew Runs Up On Man Beating His Wife In Court Parking Lot! [Video]

Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: NYPD Arrest “Loitering” Women Carrying Condoms As Evidence Of Ho-ing

Hoes Arrested

We’ve heard that “sex is a weapon” but this is taking it a bit too far, no? Continue »


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