Goon With No Game Breaks Into Apartment And Demands Brains “I Don’t Want Your Money… I Want Your Throat!” [Video]

Dude needed that…

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She Doesn’t Need Kids: Mud Duck Sells Her Baby To Craigslist Pedo-Perv! [Video]

There are some sick people out there… hold your kids close!

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Eff A Skeleton Face Tatted Thug: Illinois Man Popped For Robbing 28 Storage Units

A US man with a skull tattooed on his face has been arrested for allegedly stealing from storage units. Adam Roberts, 24, was busted by cops in Godfrey, Illinois after 28 units were attacked and electronics stolen. And they hope his distinctive look will help them track other items they believe he has sold on. "It's the oddest thing I've ever seen in 20-plus years of law enforcement," Captain Mike Dixon of the Madison County Sheriff's Department said of the tattoo. "I've seen horns on foreheads and stars on necks, but I've never seen a skull on a face. I can't explain it. It's just odd." He added: "There probably isn't another guy out there with that tattoo, so if they bought something from someone with a skull tattoo, it's probably this guy." Roberts faces three felony burglary charges.

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Drugs Are Bad M’Kay: Janky Atlanta Area 6th-Grade Teacher Popped For Supplying Drugs To Teenage Girl Who Died The Next Day


This kinda isht makes you want to just say “fawk it” and home school your kids…SMH Continue »

Freakazoids: 25-Year-Old Art Teacher Popped For Sending Explicit Pics And Having Sex With Student

Jaimie Dominy Page

Another day, another skanky teacher popped for inappropriate sexual relationship with teenage boys… Continue »

You Can’t Hit A Female Like That: Raw Video Shows NJ Cop Punching Woman In Face! [Video]

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Lady Popped Selling Freaky “VHS” Flicks Door-To-Door Like Candy! [Video]

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Florida Mom Stabs Son’s Bully: Interview With Mom And Alleged Bully! [Video]

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News Crew Runs Up On Man Beating His Wife In Court Parking Lot! [Video]

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