Drugs Are Bad M’Kay: 2 Bronx Women Caught At Customs Rockin’ Yayo Filled Duct Tape Diapers!!!


SMH will drug dealers ever run out of creative ways to smuggle their product into America? Continue »

Hoodrat “Momma’s House Childcare Worker” Popped For Kidnapping Kids Forcing Them To Shoplift [Video]

Why is the mom sticking up for her daughter who took babies out of her house-job to make them into young criminals? It’s on tape!!!! Continue »

Mother Shoots Son In Head Killing Him For Being “A Fcking Couch Potato, Man!” [Video]

What in the hell?

Continue »

F*ck A Thug: Saggy Pants Commercial Says 3-Years In Jail And Fined For Sagging In Boston… Real Talk! [Video]

This video is created by the “Black Mental Health Alliance.”

Continue »

Mega-Thug Punches Police In The Face, Beats Up 2 Hoes, Then Does Interview! [Video]

Man assaults women, punches officer, and goes on a thugging spree!

Continue »

Freakazoids: Another Young Teacher Popped For Sexin’ & Suckin’ On Teenage Student AT SCHOOL

jennilin garcia plainfield teacher

Wow. Usually in these stories, the skanky teachers are choppin the young boys down in the backseat of their car or something, but not “Jennalin!” Continue »


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