Crazy Trini Soccer Fan Squabs With Linesman On Pitch Then Is Beaten To Pulp By Trini Police! [Video]

That linesman did not get enough of the man the first time around…

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Freakazoid-Young Spanish Teacher Popped Giving Brains & Boca In Back Of Whip To 16-Yr Old Student! [Video]

How many of you think the boy was a packing young black kid?: Continue »

Self Defense?: Store Clerk Shoots Man Because He Punched Him In The Grill! [Video]

A Black Man’s Life Isn’t Worth Spit!

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Seattle Police Release Footage: Police Brutality Or A Man With A Big Mouth Getting What He Asked For? [Video]

Now, you know we are rarely on the side of the police in these types of ocassions, so this is far and few between:

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