Going Too Far?: ‘Vanice’ Arrested For Pointing At Teacher And Making Gun Gestures?? [Video]

Vanice doesn’t play that “F” mess for her son…

Continue »

Perverted Old Music Teacher Popped For Having Sex With 16-Year-Old Girl Who Was A Member Of His Wife’s Choir

vaughn mckinney

SMH at his dirty old man bribing the young lady into a sexual relationship with cell phones, iPods, and gifts.. Continue »

End Of Days: Chinese Cops Pop Over 100 Christian Cult Members For Harassing People About Mayan Apocalyptic Prophecy


Some Chinese Christians were arrested for causing chaos over the “end of days” catastrophe! Continue »

Freakazoid Texas Cops Being Sued After Intrusive Body Search On Aunt And Niece [Video]

This was supposed to be another ‘routine’ traffic stop Continue »


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