Jesus Take The Wheel? Texas Man Murders Iraq War Vet For Not Believing In God

Can being an atheist in America get you killed? If police in a small town in Texas are to be believed, the answer to that question is yes. SMH Continue »

For Discussion: Is A Child EVER Too Young To Be Sentenced To Life In Prison???

Evan Miller and Kuntrell Jackson are lifers, condemned at 14 to spend their lives in prison without the possibility of parole for their involvement in separate murders. Continue »

You Again?: Teacher Popped For Freaking 15-Yr Old REARRESTED After Boy Found Hiding In Her… [Video]

This chick just-couldn’t-get-enough of this kid:

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This Baller Ain’t Isht: Brandon Marshall Catches Fade With A Woman Yet AGAIN!

Brandon Marshall

We don’t know how this guy still has a wife! Continue »

For Your Information: 10 Disturbing Facts About Minorities In The Criminal Justice System

“You muthaf****s will be playing basketball in Pelican Bay when I’m through with you! Shoe program n***a! 23-hour lockdown!” Continue »