Crazy Man Who Tried To Shoot Up The White House And Kill Barack Obama Claims To Be Jesus…Calls The President The “Antichrist” [Video]

ortega white house shooter

Jesus take the wheel, literally:

An Idaho man charged with trying to kill President Obama claims he is the second coming of Jesus Christ. Continue »

Pill Poppin’ Couple Caught Gettin’ Some Backseat Of The Police Cruiser Lovin’ While Handcuffed!

couple arrested for having sex after arrest while handcuffed in police cruiser

Just when we thought there was nothing more scandalous than being arrested in a Whataburger for prescription drugs SMH… Continue »

Not Another One! The Citadel Is Also Involved In A Scandal Regarding Touching Little Boys!


Looks like these people have opened up a big can of worms. Continue »

Despicable: The Most Hideous Crimes Famous People Have Been Accused Of

mike tyson

Don’t you hate it when you’re a big fan of someone and they end up murdering people and dumping their bodies in a back alley somewhere? Yeah, happens to the best of us. Continue »

Police Brutality In Netherlands For Wearing “Black Peter Is Racism” T-Shirt! [Video]

One-Time Is The Same No Matter The Country?? Continue »

Drugs Are Bad M’Kay: Man Who Tried To Smuggle A Syringe Full Of Heroin In His Pants Accidentally Sticks Police Deputy

William Booth, 35, allegedly tried to smuggle in a syringe filled with heroin in his pants.

Sounds like this William Booth character was about to get a drug binge all the way poppin if he didn’t get caught: Continue »

Jerry Sandusky Says He “Horsed Around With Kids” But He’s Innocent Of Charges

Jerry Sandusky

Jerry Sandusky is now running his yap, claiming he loves kids and has touched them, but not with sexual intent. Continue »