2-Women Collapse, Scream, And Faint In Court When Judges Announces Life Sentences! [Video]

Sorry, but the two mud ducks reaction to what they deserve is grossly funny. Shouldn’t be killing babies…: Continue »

Facebook Is No Joke: Woman Burns Someone’s House Down For De-Friending Her

facebook fire

Clearly, Facebook isn’t for everyone. People take this mess way too seriously. Continue »

Domestic Disputes: Man Arrested For Beating His Girlfriend After He Caught Her Pleasuring Herself

jeffrey l. bowers

The nerve of some people: Continue »

9-Year-Old Girl Popped For Spitting On Bus Driver, Throwing Rocks, Patio Furniture And Threatening To Kill A Cop

Angry 9-Year-Old Spits at Bus Driver Threatens To Kill Cop Four Felony Charges

This little girl is off the chain!!!

A nine-year-old Florida girl is facing four felony charges Continue »

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