Amanda Knox Acquitted Following Her Appeal, Jury Agrees She Isn’t A Nasty Roommate-Murking Ho

Amanda Knox

Remember the American student sentenced to 26 years in an Italian jail for killing her roommate in 2007? Continue »

Drugs Are Bad M’Kay: Feds Pop Three Dozen Pill Pushers In Drug Raid At Boeing Plant!

boeing plant in osprey pennsylvania where 37 people were arrested for distiribution and possession of prescription drugs

SMH! It’s amazing that plane parts aren’t raining out of the sky right now. Continue »

SMH: Foxy Brown’s Bro Gavin Headed To The Big House For Ganking Other Folks Credit To Pop Bottles And Tags

inga "foxy brown" marchand brother gavin "pretty boy" marchand

All that Hermes stylin’ high fashion rap isht Foxy Brown was poppin’ in her lyrics just got her bro Gavin a couple years behind bars. Continue »

Vince Young Impersonator Captured… And He Doesn’t Resemble Vince! (All White Folks Swindled) [Video]

Vince Young’s Impersonator, Stephan Pittman, has been caught! Continue »

Grotesque Love Triangle: Tracy Bernard Burleson, Houston Pastor Who Allegedly Had Son Murder His Wife, Goes On Trial [Video]

Now, this is one sick and twisted love triangle that was going on here: Continue »

Duck And Hide: Javaris Crittenton Is Back On The Same Atlanta Streets He Shot Up Leaving A Woman Dead

Javaris Crittenton Out On Bail After Judge Finds Probable Cause To Charge Him With Murder

Dayum! Those NBA checks he’ll never see again must have paid for a hellified legal team. Continue »

Basketball Wives Draya Michele’s Official Police Report On Arrest For Child Endangerment And She Works A Pole! [Video]

We all remember Draya being confronted on the show about her 7-yr old son being taken away from her. Well, here’s the proof Continue »

This 96-Year-Old .357 Magnum Totin’ Wheelchair Rollin’ Granny Is Being Held For The Shooting Death Of Her 53-Year-Old Nephew

amanda rice stevenson

What was lil Ms. Amanda Rice Stevenson thinking when she murked her nephew???? Continue »

It’s Good To Be The King: T.I.’s Get Out Of Jail (For Now) Party Is Going To Cost $100K And Rain Ciroc


Tip is going to be broke if he has to do this every time he’s released from jail don’t you think? Continue »

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