Place Your Bets! Here Are The 10 Teams With The Best Vegas Odds To Win The Super Bowl

philadelphia eagles

Did you enjoy the NFL preseason games last night? You should have just for the fact that it means we’re actually having a football season. But we all want to know one thing: who’s gonna win it all?! Continue »

Did “Basketball Wives” Divorceé-To-Be Jennifer Williams Strike Out With This Yankees Tenderoni?

Jennifer Williams Ivan Nova

Rumor has it that “Basketball Wives” Jennifer Williams had her eye on some fresh meat while visiting Chi-town this week. Continue »

Royce Proves She Has A Degree… In Baby Mama Drama

Royce Reed

We’ve got to admit that we love how Royce hasn’t stopped poppin’ big isht ever since she’s been on the outs with the “cool kids.” Continue »

That Explains A Lot: Miami Dolphins Star Brandon Marshall Suffers From Borderline Personality Disorder

brandon marshall

Well now we know why Brandon Marshall was having such troubles in his life as of late. Continue »

Put That Thing Away: A List Of Men Whose Loins Got Them In Serious Legal And Financial Trouble

eddie long

Most times when men cheat, the consequences are relatively minimal: his woman leaves him and half of his money is potentially handed to her. Continue »

In “Decisions She’ll Probably Regret” News: Ben Rapelisberger Just Got Hitched


So it looks like Big Ben will have at least one woman in his life he won’t have to take the p**sy from. Continue »

NFL Lockout: Is This Greedy Mofo Holding Up Our NFL Season?!

vincent jackson

We’re soooo close to football! But this greedy fool is trying to hold it up for cash… Continue »

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