He Must Really Think He’s Jordan: Bron Bron Trying To Take His Talents To Another Sport??

LeBron James Sparks Rumors About Attempting A Football Career

Since he has nothing better to do at the moment, what with the possibility of not having a job this year, Little Baby Bron Bron has decided to bring the spotlight back his way by fueling some rumors. Continue »

When Super Hero-ing Goes Wrong: Phoenix Jones Gets Arrested For Trying To Be A Real Life Batman

phoenix jones

It looks like there are real super heroes running around…but they don’t know that stuff gets real when you’re not in a comic book. Continue »

Attention Sloring On Another Level: Bethenny Frankel Faked Being Lost At Sea For Her Reality Show!

bethenny frankel

A week or so ago, the attention slore Bethenny Frankel was allegedly “stranded” and “shipwrecked”. But now the truth has finally come out.

The man who “rescued” the reality star and her husband last month after their boat supposedly broke down near Nantucket now says it was all scripted for her Bravo show, “Bethenny Ever After.”

Tim Russell told Jewish Journal that he was called to their boat by Frankel’s therapist — the vessel’s captain — at 5 a.m. to come and tow them back to shore because they had broken down. Before Russell, the therapist had called the coast Guard, but they refused help because the boat was not in danger.

Sure enough, when Russell, a 40-year vet on the water, checked their coordinates (which were read to him off the boat’s GPS, even though Frankel later claimed it had broken), he also realized the watercraft was fully functioning.

Still, Frankel’s therapist — a sailor with 30 years of experience — insisted Russell come get them, which he found extremely odd. Once he arrived, Russell noticed it was a party of nine: Frankel, her husband Jason Hoppy, the therapist and six Bravo crew members filming it all.

Russell ended up not even towing in Frankel’s boat. Instead, they started up the boat and followed him back to shore without a problem.

But that didn’t stop Frankel from jumping off the boat and kissing the dock — after the camera crew got off first to capture it all, of course.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, Frankel also lied about the $2800 tip she told Ellen DeGeneres she gave Russell as a thank-you for “saving” her life. He insists there was no such gesture made to him.

And as for Frankel’s joke that she would sleep with him as further reward, Russell said he would rather be “shipwrecked.”

Of all the things to fake for a reality show she faked a shipwreck? Someone get this woman a corner office and let her sit by herself for the rest of her life.


Sit Down Somewhere: Hank Williams, Jr. Is Still Talking That Yang About Obama And Hitler

hank williams

It looks like Hank Williams, Jr. didn’t learn his lesson after getting fired from his ESPN gig. Continue »

Kanye Tells His Fashion Critics To Shut The Eff Up!


We knew Yeezy wouldn’t be quiet about his critics. Continue »

Pink Slip Time: ESPN Fires Hank Williams, Jr. For His Comments Comparing Obama To Hitler

hank williams

Keep your apology to yourself, Mr. Williams, Jr. ESPN sent his a$$ to the unemployment office. Continue »

Side Eye: Terrell Owens Says He’ll Be Ready To Return To Football In One Month


Terrell Owens is back to his attention whoring ways. Again. Continue »


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