Black Woman Confronts Kim Kardashian “You’re Not The First Chick With A Booty” On New Show ‘H8R’ [Video]

On the series premier of the new show “H8R,” Kim K is confronted with a real “Angry Black Woman”: Continue »

Some Morning Cakes In A ‘Kini: Brazilian Banger Suelyn Medeiros Coupled Up Poolside In A Th-Th-Thong!

Brazilian model Suelyn Medeiros who has dated 50 Cent and many more in the hip hop game, is spotted with her new boyfriend Joe Salvatore, a high profile land developer business man in Canada and pro-boxer as they share a kiss in Las Vegas!

Looks like he hates to see her go but loves to watch her leave! Continue »

A Lil’ Preemptive Damage Control: Kimmy Cakes Explains The Pics Of Her Without Her Wedding Band On That We Haven’t Seen Yet

Oh no, you guys. We think Kim may have figured out that the majority of the public (who cares about such things) is giving her marriage to Frankenberry the side-eye. Continue »

Cut Our Eyes Out, Now: Nancy Grace Has A Wardrobe Malfunction On DWTS

nancy grace

This is the worst thing that’s ever happened in television history. Continue »


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