Eff A Thug: The Craziest Face Tattoo Mugshots Of The Year!

crazy tattoo face

While we’d love for people to stay out of jail, we suuuuure do love making fun of mughots. Continue »

*Scratches Head* Soulja Boy Says His Career Was Inspired By Shakespeare

soulja boy

Soulja Boy had some interesting things to say…it’s like he…reads or something? Continue »

Makin’ It Rain: The Most Infamous Celebrity Side Hustles Of All Time!

diddy ciroc

Every celebrity eventually has to find a second job when the well runs dry, but they don’t always work. Sometimes, they just fade away because they couldn’t adapt. Other times, a side hustle is necessary. Continue »

Twitter Break Up Of The Century! Ashton Kutcher And Demi Moore Clicked The “Unfollow” Button On Each Other

ashton kuther

We’ve seen a million rumors about Ashton and Demi’s impending divorce, which they’ve denied, but the proof is in the pudding. Continue »

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

antonio garay

Absolutely nothing, if you are San Diego Chargers’ nose tackle Antonio Garay, who embraces being different by rocking multi-colored hair steezles and rollin’ in a Hello Kitty Smart Car! Continue »

Suspect Side Eye News Of The Day: Ex Assistant Reveals Twitter DM’s Between Zesty Male Singer And Breezy

Chris Brown songwriter Martyn

We don’t really buy this, but it’s such pure comedy we had to share it with you. Continue »

Old Wounds: Kobe Throws More Shade At Shaq And Calls Him Lazy!

kobe shaq

Thought the Kobe/Shaq feud was over? Naw, buddy. Continue »


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