Amber “Thick Thighs” Rose All Fuzzy And Warm In Baltimore Airport

Amber Rose is seen sans make-up at BWI Airport in Baltimore, Maryland, and still looks flawless. Even in the dead cold she still knows how to make a fashion statement with an Elmer Fudd-style fur hat.

Amber Rose was spotted at BWI looking comfy and warm and being for the paps… Continue »

Some ‘Domingo Gigante’ Latina Cakes

For those of you with a taste for something exotic, enjoy our presentation of some tasty latina cakes. Continue »

Twitter Files: 50 “Bugsy” Cent And Ci-Error Have A Lovers Quarrel Last Night With Subliminal Tweets

Looks like there was some iThuggin goin on last night as the rumored former secret lovers 50 Cent and Ciara took shots at each other on the low. Continue »

Drugs Are Bad M’kay: Lindsay Lohan Is Supposedly “Worried” About Charlie Sheen

Well, we guess if anyone has the right to show concern, or speak on Charlie’s crackish behavior it would be Lindsay, Queen of the Hollyweird crack hoes. Continue »

Disney Coke Whore Chronicles: Demi Lovato Is Back In The World

Demi Lovato leaked photos

After nearly three months of inpatient treatment, Demi Lovato is finally heading home. Continue »

True Or False: NeNe Leakes Recently Thought She Was Carrying A Gut Full Of JumpOff???

According to one of her “friends,” NeNe recently thought she was about to give the world proof of her dirty dame ways. Continue »

Who Looked More Bangin?? Kelly Rowland Or Angela Simmons

Last night several celebrity and celebrity-types attended MTV’s Staying Alive Fundraising and farewell event to celebrate the achievements of Bill Roedy, Chairman and Chief Executive of MTV Networks International at Westbury Hotel in London.

Which of these ladies would you say look more bangin? The destiny child, or the daddy’s girl?? Continue »

Where Is Kim Porter??? Diddy Says He Wants A Wife Like Beyonce

Diddy Jay-Z Beyonce

It doesn’t look like Kim Porter is ever getting that ring, poor thang. Continue »

Twitter Files: Joe Budden And Marlon Wayans Catch iFade

Twitter, a publicist worst nightmare. Yesterday afternoon Joe Budden and Marlon Wayans got involved eScuffle that was anti-climactic, yet entertaining nonetheless. Continue »

Charles Barkley Decides To Bow Out Of Politics For The Time Being…

C’mon now Chuck, you never had a chance at winning anyway… Continue »

They Must Be Building Snowmen In Hell: Kanye West Finally Learns How To Keep His Damn Mouth Closed

Kanye, forever a showman, brings us another epic moment in his illustrious career, his first ever silent interview. Continue »

Is Ricky “Officer Man-Tidday” Ross Hittin This???

rick ross elise neal

Looks like Mr. Rozay is getting a dose of 50 Cent’s sloppy seconds. Continue »

Did Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Agree To Give Away His Fortune To Social Causes???

What in the hell would make the worlds youngest billionaire give up all that bread!?!? Continue »


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