Tweets Is Talkin’… What Did Arizona Cardinals’ Darnell Dockett Have To Say About Ines Sainz Harrassment?

Darnell Dockett Ines Sainz

Clinton Portis wasn’t the only one with something to say about booty tooting reporter Ines SainzContinue »

Shannon Sharpe Returns To Work; Friends Say He Was The One Being Stalked

Now that his swirl-gone wrong situation is out of the courts, CBS has asked accused rapist NFL Hall of Fame candidate Shannon Sharpe to come back to work before he even had a chance to miss a day. Continue »

Update: The Broad Did Lie! Admits Acid Splash Was A Hoax

Bethanny Storro Before and After

Cuckoo Bethany Storro has finally admitted that no one else was responsible for her face full of acid. Continue »

Rodney King Is Officially Out His Mind; Challenges Iron Mike To A Fight

Clearly, Rodney King is over the trauma of his LAPD beatdown in ’91. Continue »

France’s First Lady Needs To Stop Snitchin’: Claims Shelly-O Called Life As FLOTUS “Hell”

In an attempt to improve her own reputation, French First Lady Carla Bruni has nicely delivered a whole new mess into Michelle Obama‘s life. Continue »

I Love New York Reject Tries To Prove He’s Not A Gaylord

Heat from I Love New York

Suspect looks or not, maybe we were all wrong to assume I Love New York season one reject Heat was just not that into girls. Continue »

This Broad Is A Liar: Acid Splash Victim Or Attention Whoring Hoax?

Bethanny Storro Before and After

Add one-time to the growing list of folks who just don’t buy Bethanny Storro‘s acid splash story. Continue »

Guess The Catwalking Cakes


Yes, she’s in a dress, in Bryant Park for NYC Fashion Week. And somehow, she still can’t keep her plastic assets covered up. Continue »

Quote Of The Day: Clinton Portis Comments On Cakey-Latina Sports Reporter Ines Sainz, NFL Forces Apology

clinton portis ines sainz

We know that Clinton Portis of the Washington Redskins is a special character, but he makes some valid points when addressing the slutgear wearing sports reporter sexual harassment controversy:

“You know man, I think you put women reporters in the locker room in positions to see guys walking around naked Continue »

Is The ‘Future Mrs. Mayweather’ Putting Herself On Blast?

Floyd and Shantel

Late last week, after 50 Cent started running his mouth about Floyd Mayweather’s baby mama drama, Shantel Jackson popped up on twitter and started running HER mouth about any and everything that pops into her pretty little head… which, of course, includes her engagement to Money Mayweather. Continue »

Hollyweird Doesn’t Want Jesse James’ Racist Ex Jumpoff Either

Bombshell McGee

Now that Jesse James has moved on to mainstream-approved B-lister Kat Von D, his racist ex skank can’t even get a Hollywood invite. Continue »

Another VMA Security Fail: Fake Bow Wow Crashes The Show

The MTV Video Music Awards were packed with celebrities and in the case of Young Money rapper Bow Wow, a celebrity impersonator. Continue »

Tweets Is Watchin’: ‘Peas Frontman Reacts To Blackface Backlash


If you felt some type of way about‘s misguided make-up choices at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, you’re not alone. Twitter’s right there with you. Continue »

Pure Comedy: Chris Brown Goes In On Kat Stacks Via Twitter!!!

Chris Brown Kat Stacks

Last night Chris Brown gave Kat Stacks the attention she’s been looking for and the two had a Twitter spar that we think was Pure Comedy. Check it out below: Continue »

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