Ho Sit Down: Kat Stacks Still Tweeting & Smack Talking From Her Jail Cell

Kat Stacks

OMG!!! We’re gonna need Immigration to step their game up and get this tramp out of the good ol’ U.S. of A. already. Continue »

Bengals Coach Marvin Lewis Re-ups For Them Stacks, Are T.O. And Ochocinco Out???

Although Bengals fans endured a tough season full of injuries, controversy, and questions, their head coach Marvin Lewis has signed a new, unspecified extension and he’s made it clear that he’s keeping his injury-prone quarterback Carson Palmer with him. Continue »

“Major” Atlanta Groupie “Party Promoter” Popped For…Bank Robbery???

Now we all know that Atlanta is “Black Hollywood” and a lot of people spend their time frontin’, flodgin’, and fakin’ jacks, but clearly this lil heffa was living a double-life. Continue »

Lindsay “Can’t Get Right” Blohan Might Already Be Headed Back To Lockup

Lindsay Lohan

Poor thang! Did Little LiHo really think that quoting Gandi and taking horrible old-lady photos was gonna make folks forget she was in rehab violating? Continue »

Rihanna’s Ho Sh*t Made It Rain For GQ In 2010

Rihanna GQ Magazine January 2010

There’s nothing like the ho sh*t that contributes to the wealth of others. Continue »

Shaq Still Heartz Hoopz… And Kobe

Shaquille O'Neal Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander

We’re still not sure what exactly drives this couple’s existence, or why she still shows no sign of having come up like she did. Continue »

Raz-B’s Milshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard… Dayyum Right It’s Better Than Yours!!!

Raz-B at Millions of Milkshake

It looks like the little Twitter beef with Chris Brown actually worked in Raz-B’s favor. After that little rant appeared on Twitter, Raz-B headed down to Millions of Milkshakes to show everyone his skills when it comes to bringing all the boys to the yard. This just goes to show you, Millions of Milkshake will let anyone get some shine.. Continue »

UPDATE: Gucci Mane Chooses The Loony Bin Over The Slammer

Gucci Mane Mental Institution

Even though we’ll be the first to agree that Gucci Mane isn’t working with a full deck of cards, this right here is pure bullsh*t!! Continue »

Hold Up: MTV Paid Amber Portwood’s Baby Daddy Beating A** HOW MUCH???

Amber Portwood MTV Teen Mom

Apparently being an irresponsible, violent teenage tramp is way more lucrative then our parents led on as they encouraged us to get an education and keep our legs closed. Continue »

Soulja Boy Is A Bold Face Liar!!!

rapper Skillz

We hope you didn’t buy that “I wrote ‘Whip My Hair'” yang Soulja Boy was talking yesterday. Because this is the only rapper not named Will Smith who had anything to do with Willow Smith’s hit record. Continue »

Oops!! Nicki Minaj’s Legion Of Barbie Stans Rang In The New Year Six Minutes Late In Miami

Nicki Minaj Young Money 106 & Park New Year's Eve Special

We were wondering how the whole having gigs in New York and Miami thing was going to work out for Nicki Nicki. Continue »

Old Man Favre Finally Calls It Quits. No, Really.

Brett Favre Minnesota Vikings

At least that’s almost what it sounded like he was saying in a post-game press conference yesterday. Continue »

Brace Yourselves: Kimmie Cakes Is Officially A Singer Now

Kim Kardashian Video still

Kim Kardashian gave Las Vegas club goers more than just a glimpse at her for New Year’s Eve, she also gave them the first listen to her new single. Continue »

Is This The Year Nelly & Ashanti Stop Fronting???

Ashanti Nelly Haze Nightclub Las Vegas

According to some old wives tales, how you spend New Year’s Eve pretty much dictates how you’ll spend the year.

So this should be an interesting year in “We’re Not A Couple”-Land for Nelly and Ashanti, huh? They rang the New Year in all coupled up at Haze Nightclub in Vegas.

Happy New Year, lovebirds!


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