That ‘Digital Death’ Fundraising Stunt Isn’t Working Out So Well…

Alicia Keys Swizz Beatz digital death

When the good folks at Keep A Child Alive thought up their Digital Death campaign, they probably figured that between Alicia Keys’s 2.2 million followers and Kimmy Cakes’s 5.4 million alone, it would take absolutely no time to raise $1 million. Continue »

Dude, Where’s My Stylist?! 10 Celebs Who Can’t Dress

While some celebs are praised for their trendsetting and eye for fashion, (i.e. Kanye West, Rihanna and Beyonce) others have left us scratching our heads and wondering, “Dude, where’s your stylist?!” Continue »

Would You Hit It: Cee-lo Green On His Freaky Deaky Lady Killer Ish After His 4 Grammy Noms!

After being nominated for 4 Grammy Awards this year, Cee-lo Green and company was spotted out and about in Hollyweird to celebrate. Continue »

Is Mrs. Illuminati Hov Stealing From Starving Artists (Again)???

Beyonce I Am... Sasha Fierce

An anime artist out of Japan has been holding a grudge against Bey Bey since she dropped “I Am… Sasha Fierce” in 2008. And now he’s trying to stop the sale of the album… after almost 10 million copies sold worldwide. Continue »

When Fawkin’ For Tracks Goes Wrong: Ciara’s Trying To Rap Now???

We blame 50 Cent. Because for one, we hope she’s not fawking Terius. And two, we can tell EXACTLY which songs from “Basic Instinct” have his sent on them. Continue »

In White Folks News: Surprise, Surprise Christina Aguilera Has A New Man Already

Is it just us, or does this lil ITCHBAY move faster than a speeding bullet? Continue »

Some Early Evening Desperation

Nicole Scherzinger UK performance

Can anyone explain to us what Nicole Scherzinger‘s life is about right now? Seriously. Continue »

GASP! Is Sheree Whitfield About To Get Bounced On Her A** Out Of Her House AGAIN???

Looks like somebody is BACK in financial trouble, and damn near about to be evicted! Continue »

Oops!! Can You Catch PETA’s Fawk Up??

Chad Ochocinco For Peta

Last week when we showed you this ‘Ink, Not Mink’ ad OchoCinco did for PETA last week, we almost didn’t notice something was wrong with this picture. But clearly, the people at PETA were a little off their normal animal-loving antics. Do you see what minor detail they ignored? Continue »

WTF!?!? Atheist Group Buys Ad Space On Texas Buses

Here’s the thing, we’re all for people freely practicing whatever religion they choose. But doesn’t seem like Atheist like to really throw their beliefs at you?? Continue »

Rih Rih Says She Didn’t Switch Up Her Style, She Was Always A Slut On The Low

Rihanna 2005

More tidbits are coming out of Rihanna’s chat with Yeezy for Interview Magazine. And one of the things she let fly is what most of us thought all along: she was never as innocent as she looked when she first hit the scene in ’05. Continue »

Protect Ya Neck: King James And The Miami Heat Take Their Talents Back To Cleveland Tomorrow

Bron Bron better have eyes in the back of his head for tomorrow night for his first game back in Cleveland since his “decision” to leave his hometown for the warm weather and championship dreams in Miami. Continue »

Aren’t They Married??? Denzel And Jenny From The Block Looking REAL Cozy Boys And Girls Club Announcement

Awwww sh*t! These two look like they were having a REAL good time together yesterday in LA at the Boys and Girls Club announcement that Jennifer Lopez will join Denzel and Mario Lopez as spokesperson for the nation-wide organization. Continue »

Caption This… Kardashians With Books Edition

Kim Khloe Kourtney Kardashian Konfidential book signing

Seriously, we actually think the photog who took these wanted us to come up with funny captions. So we thought we’d leave the comedy writing to you. Continue »

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