Nutso Yankees Fan Goes After A-Rod For Cameron During Yankees Game… Wants To Knock Off Bobby Brown For Osama

As sad and concerned as most Yankees fans might be this morning, last night’s game wasn’t without it’s share of laughs in restrospect. Continue »

Unsigned Broad From Mississippi Claims Trina Bit Her Style Down To The Bad Dye Job

Miz Smurff Trina stolen song twitter

We don’t know if we would say this out loud, but an up-and-coming rapper out of Mississippi is claiming responsibility for both Trina’s latest fashion faux pas and her latest misguided single. Problem is, she also claims Trina‘s not giving credit where it’s due. Continue »

Who’s That Chick? Big Red Scores With New Looks For Doritos Video

Rihanna stars in online music video for Doritos

Doritos is definitely showing RihRih some love right now. Photos of the singer filming scenes for her new online music video to promote Doritos crisps have just been released. Check out another picture of her on the set below along with a few stills. Continue »

Is The Diddy-Nicki Lovefest A Wrap?

Nicki Minaj Sean Diddy Combs management

True or False: is Nicki Minaj done letting Diddy play pretend manager. Continue »

Are You Feelin These Get Ups?

M.I.A. at Spike TV "Scream 2010"

M.I.A. stepped up her attention whoring game for Spike TV’s “Scream 2010″ show this weekend, Continue »

Yeezy’s Freakazoid Sexfest Cover Gets Nixed

Kanye West new album cover

Kanye‘s making white people uncomfortable again. We get the impression that he doesn’t really care. Continue »

Terrell Owens Is Paying Big Bucks For Someone To Find Him A Girlfriend… With Cakes Like A Kardashian?

Terrell Owens

After two seasons of watching Terrell Owens reveal his doggish ways on television, we hear the #2 biggest attention whore in the NFL (yes OchoCinco is #1) has resorted to paying a price for pu$$y. Continue »

Kat Stacks Says “She Was Turned Out At 14 When She Started Working At Strip Clubs”

Kat Stacks

Kat Stacks hit Atlanta this week and did her first radio interview with Hot 107.9′s The DurtyBoyz. Continue »

Sneak Diss Rih Rih Is At It Again. This Time She’s Running Her Mouth About Nicki.

Nicki Minaj Rihanna

We’re sure she means well. But maybe Rihanna needs to just talk about her own questionable talent and fashion choices when she’s out there doing these “Loud” promo interviews. Continue »

Yung Berg’s Alleged Baby Mama Says He Doesn’t Acknowledge Autistic Son

Yung Berg

A young woman claiming that she is Yung Berg‘s baby’s mother is stating that he is not only a “punk a**”, but also calls him a dead beat dad. Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: Qu’ran Burning Pastor Cashes In On His Ignorance

Terry Jones

Sadly, we’re pretty sure when preacher of hate Terry Jones came up with the hair-brained idea to commemorate 9/11 with more hatred, it was because he knew he could probably make some profit off of it. And sadly enough, he was right. Continue »

Yup! Gilbert Arenas Is Still A Dumba**

Gilbert Arenas Washington Wizards

After 30 days in a halfway house and some months without a paycheck, Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas is still displaying some questionable judgement. Continue »

Cry Me A River: DC Housewives’ Cat Blames Bravo Show For Ruining Her Life

Cat Ommanney Real Housewives of DC

Long before fans had the chance to meet the Real Housewives of DC, London-born attention whore Cat Ommanney had tapped out of the series. Continue »

T.I. Offers Post-Heroic Words Of Wisdom… Even If They’re Not All Real Words

TI Performing at For Sisters Only in Atlanta

In one of several interviews he’s granted following his latest act of heroism, T.I. says he can’t understand how anyone could “proposturalize such poppycock” as to think he somehow was involved in planning a man’s attempted suicide. Continue »