Caption This…Angelina Jolie And Her Benetton Babies

Fresh off being suffering the wrath of Chelsea Handler, Angelina “Fawking ITCHBAY, fawking c*nt” Jolie took her little motley crew out for a day of cultural enrichment at an art shop in NYC. Continue »

Name The Tiny Tooted Up Cakes

One of our nominees in the “Attention Whore of the Year” category for this year’s Bossip Awards assumed this classy position in a recent photo shoot with Can you name those tiny tooted up cakes? Continue »

Cry Me A River: Lil Clifford Harris aka T.I. Is Still Penning Letters From The Pen

“The Kang” just released a letter today via his website (probably as publicity for his album which is in stores today) Continue »

10 SMDH Questions About Sunday Night’s RHOA

Phaedra Parks Apollo Real Housewives Of Atlanta

When it comes to Reality TV nonsense, the new season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta never disappoints. Continue »

Transformed: 10 Celebrities That Went From Wholesome To Hoe-y

Keri Hilson Hoe-y

Hoes are taking over the world. Either beat them or join them. It seems as though a few celebrities out there have chosen to join the ranks of hoe-dom after their not-so-hoelike actions didn’t get them the attention they wanted. Continue »

Life Is A Drag…When RuPaul Has Been Greenlit For A Third Season Of His Her Reality Show

Rupaul continues reppin for the drag/cross-dressing community with the third season of the reality competition show “RuPaul’s Drag Race” on the Logo channel. This season there are a host of surprises and celebrity judges that will keep things “interesting” to say the least.

Margaret Cho, Lily Tomlin, Chloe Sevigny, LaToya Jackson and Johnny Weir are just a few of the famous faces sashaying onto the judges panel this year while the challenges promise to be campier, the girls thankfully get b*tchier and the show continues to transcend the guilty pleasure label.

“Guilty Pleasure”….hmmm, ah nevermind


And The Highest Paid Reality TV Star Of 2010 Is ___________

Highest paid reality stars has compiled it’s first ever list of the top earning famous-people-who-aren’t-really-famous-for-anything-except-being-famous. Can you guess who topped that list and how much they made? Continue »

WikiLeaks Founder Had Nasty Little Secrets Of His Own, Popped In Europe For Sex Crimes

Julian Assange WikiLeaks

It should be a no-brainer that fuggin with the governments of the world’s super-powers comes with serious consequences and repercussions. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is finding that out the hard way. Continue »

Did Sarah Palin And Her Family Drive Kate Gosselin Apesh*t???

The TV Gods must hate us. Because that’s the ONLY way they would have allowed two of the dumbest b*tches on television to be on the same show at the same time. Continue »

*BOSSIP Exclusive* Mystery Donor Brings A. Keys And ‘Em “Back To Life”

Alicia Keys Digital Death Buy Life Keep A Child Alive

Yesterday morning, right after Usher broke his promise not to tweet, this “Digital Death” charity stunt had barely raised a third of the million dollars it would take to bring stars like Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, Serena Williams, Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian back to life. Continue »

Man Down!! Two Weeks Into The Series, And The First ‘Skating With The Stars’ Injury Is Reported

Brandon Smith Sonny With A Chance Skating With The Stars

You probably didn’t pay attention, but “Skating with The Stars,” ABC’s desperate attempt to make more money off of the “Dancing With The Stars” phenomenon, debuted two weeks ago. We didn’t think it was a great idea. And we were right. Continue »

A Black Man Comes To Rescue The Vikings As Old Azz Brett Favre Goes Down AGAIN!!

After being very professional and patient through all of Brett Favre’s bullsh*t, Tavaris Jackson came in and led the Vikings to a 34-18 victory over the Buffalo Bills. Continue »

Who Looked More Bangin???

Last night in Miami Kelly Rowland was doing her “step and repeat” thing at Vogue Magazine’s event, while Christina “It-Was-All-A-Dream” Milian was seen in NYC at ABC’s Family Winter Wonderland at Rockefeller Centre. Continue »

Those Bad A** Gosselin Bebe Kids Are Killing Christmas For Everybody

Kate Gosselin Sextuplets Twins

You don’t have to be a child psychologist to know that Kate & Jon Gosselin kids aren’t well adjusted. Shoot, we saw that when two of the sextuplets got kicked out of school. Continue »


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