For The Fellas: Nicki Minaj Breaks Down What Kind Of Man Gets To Play In Her “Pink Friday”

Since her arrival on the rap scene there has been a lot of speculation as to whether or not Onika is chasing the cat, but in the new issue of King Magazine, she breaks down what she needs in a MAN! Continue »

Amber Rose Doesn’t Want Anymore Meat In Her

Amber Rose

Well, in her stomach anyway. It’s still open season on the guts and cakes. Continue »

Twitter Files: The Grinch Stole Foxy Brown’s Christmas And That Lil Kim Diss

Poor thang! Foxy had a whole comeback via diss planned for Christmas day. Continue »

New Music: 50 Cent Bugsy Gets His Eddie Long Swag On “Sunday Morning”

This is a new jawn from Bugsy where he appears to be the cleanest thug you’ve ever seen. Kinda looks like a certain peen-craving, pervert pastor, no??

Anyway, check out the record and state your piece below…G-G-G-G-…you know the rest.

Pro-Lifers Pissed At MTV Over ’16 And Pregnant’ Abortion Show

MTV has always been a controversy whore, especially their reality shows, so it’s no surprise that anti-abortion groups are up in arms over the new episode of ’16 and Pregnant’. Continue »

SMH: The Kardashian PR Machine Is Trying Hard To Make You Care About Kris Humphries’ Boring A**

Kim Kardashian Kris Humphries

We still haven’t gotten the official photo shoot of Kimmie Cakes and her “new man” Kris Humphries. But that doesn’t mean the Kardashian PR Machine isn’t hard at work. Continue »

10 Moments We’d Love to See When RHOA Returns!

Christmas season is great for spending time with family and planning for the year ahead. But, boy, do we miss some of our favorite shows during the holidays! Continue »

Are You Feeling Rih Rih’s Wild Safari Kingdom Beachwear???

Rihanna Sandy Lane Beach Barbados

Rihanna took her much better burgundy wet-n-wavy wig and a merry band of misfits to Sandy Lane Beach in the Barbados yesterday and almost gave her crotch some teeth. Continue »

Caption This

teiarra mari twitpic topless

Here is Teiarra Mari TwitPic’ing topless. Continue »

Guess Which One Of Katherine Jackson’s Sons Is About To Finally Get A Check

Jackson 5

For the last few years, all of Katherine and Joe’s kids with a Y chromosome have been doing BAD. But one of them is actually going to be ringing in the new year with a fresh check. And he’s the last one you would guess would be doing a show… or dropping a solo album. Continue »

In White Folks With Black In-Laws News: Kourtney’s STD Is Still Around

Kourtney Kardashian Scott Disick Shopping

Here’s Kourtney K doing some last minute Christmas shopping with her baby daddy. Every time she tries to leave, Scott’s D. keeps pulling her back. Continue »

Poor Billy Ray!!! Miley Cyrus’ Half-Nekkid Ho Cakes Are On The Internet Again

New Leaked Miley Cyrus Photos

Apparently, this is how Miley Cyrus and her “Makeup Artist” get down. Continue »

Rih Rih’s Ratted Red Wig And Cheap Pink Cap Are In Barbados

Rihanna Airport Barbados

Poor thang! Why didn’t anyone let poor Uncle Rupert know him nah fi look pon da photographers like so? Continue »

Uhhh, Congratulations…??? Which ‘Jersey Shore’ Member Has Gotten A Spinoff???

Who’d have thought that Pauly D would be the first ‘Jersey Shore’ cast member to sign a contract for a spinoff show. Continue »


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