In White Folks News: Scarlett Johansson Is Feenin’ For A Gut Full Of Sean Penn

Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn holding hands and smile at party.

Word on the street is that Hollyweird hottie Scarlett Johansson would love for her old boo Sean Penn to knock that a$$ up! Continue »

Making It Rain On Them Teens: Big Boi Gives His Daughter A Record Label For Her Sixteenth Birthday

Outkast Big Boi Purple Ribbon Purple Ribbon Kidz

We don’t know… Big Boi may have just made Diddy and Cee-Lo look a little crazy for their kids’ MTV specials. Continue »

And We Thought Shanequa Was Bad… Cute Celebrity Seeds, Crazy Names

Jermaine Jackson and Jermajesty

We all know that parents in Hollyweird can be a bit eccentric when it comes to baby names. Continue »

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Suman Khatun

SMH. Precious-ness for reals. At six-years-old and over 200lbs this just might be the world’s fattest kid. Continue »

EFF This Dude… This Epitome Of A Bad Father Needs To Be Put Under The Jail!

Steven Nicholson

This trifling piece of ISHT will be sentenced today. Continue »

Nick Cannon Responds To Mariah’s Beer Drinking While Breastfeeding And Child Protective Services Rumors

Nick Cannon Does Piers Morgan

Nicky Carey Cannon was on Piers Morgan last night and expressed his anger regarding that crazy story about MiMi and Dem Babies’ hospital fiasco: Continue »

Some Swirled Up Morning Matrimony-dom Preciousness: Heidi And Seal Land At LAX With All Them Kids

Heidi Klum and Seal, along with their children, arrive back in LA on a flight from Florida, where the couple had recently renewed their marriage vows

Heidi Klum and Seal were spotted arriving back in Los Angeles with the fam after their most recent vow renewal ceremony in Florida. Continue »

SMH: Shady Tabloids Tried To Sneak Pics Of Dem Babies While They Were In The Hospital

Nick Cannon Mariah Carey Dem Babies

Poor little Monroe and “Roc”:

On Tuesday evening a woman from the Department of Child Protective Services showed up at the hospital Continue »

Some Morning Preciousness: Laila Ali Spotted With Beautiful Baby Sydney

Laila Ali with new baby daughter Sydney

Laila Ali was spotted in LA with her little precious one-month-old baby girl, Sydney. Continue »

SMH: Baby Gets “Pat-Down” From TSA In Kansas City Airport

baby tsa pat down kansas city airport

These TSA folks are taking things wayyyyyyyyyyyy too far! Continue »


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