“Basketball Wives Beef”: Laura Govan Says She Will Never Speak To Shaunie O’Neal And Explains Why She Loves The Pistol Packing Player Who Is Papa To Her Kids!

Laura Govan J'Adore Magazine

Laura Govan is featured in the upcoming February 13th issue of J’Adore Magazine and she speaks extensively about her issues with Shaunie O’Neal Continue »

Dirty Dog Diaries: Scumbag Lawyer Suing Ex-Girlfriends For Defamation After They Post The TRUTH About Him Online

Stacey Rachel Matt

Beckys Beware! If you date this guy and he dogs you out, he’ll sue if you try to badmouth him. Continue »

Can You Spell That? Celebrity Kid Names That Are Way Weirder Than Blue Ivy Carter

bey jay blue

These crazy names make Blue Ivy sound like it’s as normal as Sue Beth. Continue »

Ungh I’m Not Your Daddy, Somebody Lied… Rick Ross Denies Deadbeat Claims From Woman Who Says He Fathered Her 3-Year-Old

Rick Ross paternity suit

Do you believe Ross? Cuz we have a pretty good feeling he has no idea about anything that happens below t*tty level. Continue »


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