Rumor Control: Did Rachel Uchitel REALLY Say She Was Glad Her Husband Died On 9/11?


Looks like Tiger Woods’ former slutbucket, Rachel Uchitel had some pretty stupid things to say recently. Continue »

Were You Watching? Basketball Wives: L.A. Was A Hot Azz Mess!!! Old Broads Talking Mad Yang And Young BabyMamas Brawling!

The newest Basketball Wives franchise kicked off Monday night and we were sad to see when it came to drama the isht wasn’t no better than that original… Continue »

Tweet Of The Day Gloria Govan Says She’s Not Gonna Let Breakup Rumors Ruin Paradise For Her

Gloria Govan vacation

Gloria Govan took to Twitter today to clear the air after rumors that Matt Barnes dumped her hit the internet. Continue »

Baby Mama Drama: Meeka Claxton’s Husband Speedy Claxton Is A Deadbeat Dad???

Rumor: Meeka Claxton's Husband Has A Child From A Previous Relationship Who He Doesn't Support

Word on the street is Meeka Claxton’s F-listed hubby Speedy has a kid out there who has absolutely nothing to do with. Continue »

All Time Low?: New “Swipe Your EBT” (It’s Free) Music Video Glorifying Being A Baby Momma [Video]

SMH @ The Line “All You Gotta Do Is F__k, And 9-Months Later You Getting Them Big Bucks”

Baby Daddy Of Woman Who Stated “I Will Pay Someone To Kill My Baby Father” On Facebook Found Dead

london eley timothy bynum

Coincidence or was this heffa really crazy enough to pay someone to kill her baby’s father after posting it on Facebook??? Continue »


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