Really???? Kanye West Turns Down American Idol Gig Because He Thinks It Would Hurt His Reputation

Kanye West steps out in a fur coat

As if there aren’t already a thousand other things that have hurt his leather-clad, face maskin’, skinny jeaned reputation…SMH Continue »

Caption This

Hov Bieber JD

Pardon our laughin’, we happen to think you sweet… Continue »

Lil Nasty Nas?: J. Cole Gets Torch Passed From Nas As Next Conscious-Mainstream Rapper At VIBE Cover Shoot! [Video]

Niiiice. People, are saying J. Cole can’t really relate the struggle like Nasir since he’s half white… what do you all think? Continue »

Joseline Hernandez Rolling Out Photo Shoot Behind The Scenes [Video]

Stevie goes everywhere with Jose…
Continue »

Chocolate Cakes: Kelly Rowland & Jeanette Jenkins Workout Video (BEHIND The Scenes) [Video]

Now this video should be some Mooootivaaaatioooon.
Continue »


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