Behind The Scenes Of RaVaughn’s “Best Friend” Video Shoot

And Action

RaVaughn wants this guy to know she is not his fawking best friend…and she’s getting extra sexy to prove it! Continue »

Really???? Kanye West Turns Down American Idol Gig Because He Thinks It Would Hurt His Reputation

Kanye West steps out in a fur coat

As if there aren’t already a thousand other things that have hurt his leather-clad, face maskin’, skinny jeaned reputation…SMH Continue »

Caption This

Hov Bieber JD

Pardon our laughin’, we happen to think you sweet… Continue »

Lil Nasty Nas?: J. Cole Gets Torch Passed From Nas As Next Conscious-Mainstream Rapper At VIBE Cover Shoot! [Video]

Niiiice. People, are saying J. Cole can’t really relate the struggle like Nasir since he’s half white… what do you all think? Continue »

Joseline Hernandez Rolling Out Photo Shoot Behind The Scenes [Video]

Stevie goes everywhere with Jose…
Continue »

Chocolate Cakes: Kelly Rowland & Jeanette Jenkins Workout Video (BEHIND The Scenes) [Video]

Now this video should be some Mooootivaaaatioooon.
Continue »


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