Race Matters: New Georgia Immigration Law Draws Thousands Rallying In The Streets Of Atlanta To Fight Against

georgia immigration law atlanta rally

Georgia’s new immigration laws have thousands of folks pissed and standing out in the sweltering heat to fight against it: Continue »

Who You Talkin’ To: GOP’s Pat Roberts Says Obama ‘Needs To Take A Valium Before He Comes And Talks To Republicans’

Wow, that statement is telling! Is that what these right-wingers do while changing and creating policies for the nation – pop pills and write bills? Continue »

Get Well: Venezuela’s Controversial President Hugo Chavez Has Cancer

Hugo Chavez Announces He Is Battling Cancer

This is a sign of the times: all of the gully foreign leaders who have made a career out of giving the U.S. hell are getting old. Continue »

Sh*t Is Real In Greece?? Rioters Tear The Streets Of Athens Up In Protest Of Budget Cuts

The people of Athens took it to the streets to show their politicians just how much they were against proposed budget cuts being considered in an attempt to get Greece some dough from it’s European neighbors. Continue »

Aw Po’ Thang: Silly A** Sarah Palin Feels Hated By Celebrities And Can’t Understand Why

Well Sarah, it isn’t really hard to tell why people don’t rock with you… Continue »

Bolitics: Michele Bachmann’s Clinic Receives $137K In Medicaid Funds

Tsk. Tsk. This Bachmann broad gets more entertaining by the day! Continue »

Jury Reaches Verdict On 18 Of 20 Counts Against That Shady Character Rod Blagojevich

rod blagojevich

That shady Rod Blagojevich is back in the news: Continue »


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