Bolitics: Is Rudy Giuliani Getting Ready To Dust Himself Off And Try Running For President Again??

Rudy Giuliani 2012 presidential bid

So far, not one of the Republican presidential candidates who have confirmed their campaign seems to actually be someone anyone would want running this country. Continue »

For Discussion: Should Weiner Flashing-Congressman’s Pregnant Wife Stay With Him???

Huma Abedin Anthony Weiner

Would you leave your new husband if he was caught up in a political sexting scandal? Continue »

True Or False: Is The U.S. At War With Yemen On The Low?

War in Yemen

After the ongoing madness that our situations in Afghanistan and Iraq have become, most Americans feel pretty strongly about the fact that the US needs to stay out of the intensifying realness of sh*t in the Middle East. Continue »

Bolitics: President Obama Says ‘Don’t Panic’ About The Economy

Amidst job growth moving at a snail’s pace, insane gas prices Continue »

Message for Black Deadbeat Daddies: President Barack Obama Pens Essay on ‘Being the Father I Never Had’

barack obama family

Barack Obama speaks out on growing up without a father: Continue »

This Guy Has A Lot Of Nerve: Donald Trump Calls Anthony Weiner A “Bad Guy, A Liar, And A Psycho”

donald trump anthony weiner

Donald Trump needs to sit his ole toupee wearing a$$ down somewhere!

Donald Trump chimed in on the Anthony Weiner scandal today Continue »

Sh*t Is Real On Capitol Hill : President Obama’s Approval Rating Slips To New Low

The last eleven years have brought about hard times for many, in terms of the economy, job loss and most importantly, job creation. Continue »

Sh*t Is Still Real For U.S. Troops In Iraq: Five Killed In Baghdad Base Bombing

US Soldiers in Iraq

Let this serve as a reminder of why we’re not rushing to go fight Syria, Lybia, Yemen, or anyone else’s battles. Continue »


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