Sean Hannity Can Eat Shaft: Sean Says “President Obama Isn’t Smart” [Video]

Sean, since you are so smart… why are you on a damn tv show instead of using your brilliant mind in our gov? Eff Hannity and his underlying racism. Continue »

Bolitician Ballers: Shady Libyan Dictator Moammar Gadhafi Has $1.1 Billion Stashed In NYC Banks???

moammar gadhafi

We’ve seen all of the crazy and frivolous trinkets found in the Muammar Gaddafi Libyan compound and now it’s being reported that this guy has secret money hidden in NYC: Continue »

These Pervert Politicians Never Learn… Puerto Rican Senator Toots His Bare Booty Up For Pics Posted On Gay Website

Roberto Arango

Last time we checked “Bend over and spread ‘em” was a term reserved for law enforcement officials, not Senators. Continue »

United Nations’ Office In Nigeria Attacked By Car Bomb, “Many People Are Dead”

nigeria bomb

A car bomb tore through the United Nations’ main office in Nigeria’s capital Friday, flattening one wing of the building and leaving an unknown number of people dead. Continue »

Race Matters: Iman Gives Vogue Italia The Ho Sit Down For Their BS Explanation Of That “Slave Earrings” Fiasco

Iman Responds To Vogue Italia "Slave Earrings" Controversy

In case you missed it, the editors at Vogue Italia lost their rabbit a** minds last week and promoted a trend they called “Slave Earrings” Continue »

Did Gadhafi Want To Blow Condoleezza Rice’s Backs Out? Dictator Hoarding Pics And Said, “I Support My Darling Black African Woman, I Love Her Very Much”

Condoleeza Rice Moammar Gadhafi

Photos have emerged from Moammar Gadhafi’s lair and in there they have found a gang of pictures of Condi Rice…Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Continue »

Elsewhere In The World: Politicians In Australia Ain’t Isht Either…In Hot Water For Using Lawmaker’s Credit Cards To Pay For Prostitute Punany

craig thomson australia

Some more shady politicians caught with their drawers down and paying for hooker snatch: Continue »

Gadhafi’s Son Rides Up On Western Media Hotel: “They Didn’t Capture Jack… And My Pops Is Chilling In Tripoli!” [Video]

“I’m Like A Young Gadhafi… Purely Looking Out For The People. While You Westerners… Settle For The Lesser Of Two Evils!”

Breaking News: Libyan Rebels Have Captured Gadhafi Compund…”Gadhafi Is Nearly Finished”

libya rebels peace sign

As Libyan rebels fought to consolidate their hold on Tripoli on Monday and early Tuesday, reports emerged that two sons of Libya’s longtime leader were free despite earlier reports that rebels had captured them. Continue »


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