Veteran Democratic Leader Says The Main Issue Obama Faces Is Racism

The highest ranking African-American in Congress and House Assistant Democratic Leader, Jim Clyburn, says most of President Obama’s political issues stem from racism. Continue »

Poor Thang: Ed Schultz To Take An Unpaid Leave Of Absence For Calling Laura Ingraham A “Right-Wing Slut”

ed schultz laura ingraham

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz’s big mouth has gotten him into a wee bit of trouble: Continue »

It’s A Dirty Game: California Authorities Are Investigating Arnold To See If Taxpayer Money Funded His Sperminator Ways

Arnold Schwarzenegger Inauguration Maria Shriver

Now that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s dirty dog days are all the way out there, we expected people to start trying to cash in on the situation. Continue »

In Shady Politician News: John Edwards To Be Criminally Charged For Attempting To Cover Up His Affair

john edwards rielle hunter

We hope that dirty dog John Edwards gets what he deserves!!! Continue »

Question Of The Day: Spike Lee Still Wants To Know WTF Took Dubya So Long To Help New Orleans

Spike Lee President George W. Bush Katrina Survivors

Spike Lee continues to take no prisoners when it comes to former President George W. Bush! Continue »

Sh*t Is Still Real In Baghdad: 15 Explosions In 4 Hours Leave 18 Dead And 77 Wounded

Bombing in Baghdad

In case we needed a reminder of how much of a waste it can be for the U.S. to go rescue random peoples from themselves. Continue »

For Discussion: The Recession Has Hit Black Men The Worst, Being Called “Black Mancession”

black men unemployed

The Great Recession is sometimes known as the “Mancession” because men were hit so hard by unemployment, but a better term for it might be the “Black Mancession.” Continue »


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