SMH: Jewish Congresswoman Accuses Black Tea Party Member Of Sexual Harassment [Video]

Speaking Of “Black And Jewish” Peep The New Video Below “Black & Jewish, Black & Jewish!!”

Continue »

White Supremacist From Texas To Be Executed For 9/11 “Revenge Killing Spree”

mark anthony stroman

This skinhead was just murking anyone who “appeared to be” from the Middle East: Continue »

For The Ladies: The Obama Administration May Approve Free Birth Control With All Health Insurance

If Barry O can pull this one off he’s guaranteed to get the women’s vote in 2012. Continue »

Man Throws Pie At Rupert Murdoch And Wife Performs Kung Fu On His Face! [Video]

Peep the history on Rupert’s wife “Wendi Deng Murdoch” below. Continue »

Exclusive: Killer Mike Explains The Video BET Doesn’t Want Our Youth To See [Video]

Killer Mike Talks "Burn" Video And BET Ban

If you haven’t heard Killer Mike’s song “Burn,” it is exactly the kind of protest song everybody always says today’s young Hip-Hop fans need to hear more often. Continue »

The Side-Eye: One-Time Identifies San Francisco Shooting Victim As “Murder Suspect”

Man Shot By San Francisco Police Identified As Murder Suspect Keith Harding

Is it just us, or is this scandal cleaning up really well for the San Francisco Police Department? Continue »


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