SMH: Bristol Palin’s Baby Daddy Levi Is Writing A Tell-All About Her Mom…

levi johnston

Levi Johnston, the guy who fathered Bristol Palin’s child is penning a “Tell-All” called Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: That Royal Wedding Barely Anyone Cares About Is Going To Cost $________

Prince William Catherine Kate Middleton

Remember a couple of months ago when British students were protesting the government’s plan to make higher education budget cuts? Continue »

Barack Obama And Family Attend Church Service In DC On Easter Sunday

barack hussein obama

President Barack Obama and his family attended the Easter Sunday service at Shiloh Baptist Church, which was founded by freed slaves in 1863. Continue »

Easter Mass Draws Large Crowd To Hear Pope Speak, Number Of Atheists Doubled In 10 Years

easter mass pope

Pope Benedict XVI urged an end to fighting in Libya, using his Easter Sunday message to call for diplomacy and peace in the Middle East. Continue »

EFF A Thug: Egyptian Court Bans Name And Face Of Former Dictator

Hosni Mubarak

How’s this for a Ho Sit Down? Continue »

Donald Trump Political Stump: Says Obama Was ‘Possibly’ Born in the U.S. ‘But I Want to Get Rid of the Word ‘Possibly”

Donald Trump is pulling all stops on this ‘birther’ theory business. So much so, he’s launched an investigation in Hawaii to prove that President Obama is not a U.S. citizen Continue »

Even The President Thinks These Rising Gas Prices Are Suspect

record gas prices

We are almost paying a full dollar more for gas now than we were a year ago. Continue »

Coming To A Public School Near You: Gay Studies???

Over forty years ago, African Americans demanded public school districts and other educational institutions to reform their curriculum in order to reflect the experiences and histories of folks other than white men. Continue »

C’mon Sarah … Just Answer the Question Already!

Every time Sarah ‘Pistol’ Palin opens her mouth, you can pretty much expect more of the same – mindless rhetoric, ignorant criticism and empty chatter – and when she’s not doing that, she’s avoiding answering a straightforward question with a straightforward answer. Continue »

BP’s Playing the Blame Game, Goes After Halliburton for $80 Billion

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the oil rig explosion that claimed the lives of 11 men and resulted in the spillage of millions of barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Well, instead paying some sort of tribute to the lives lost and updating the public on what’s been done Continue »

Are White Men Really The New Racially Oppressed Group in America?

Ever since the media began reporting on various statistics that people of color will become the new majority by 2050 in the United States and throughout most of the globe, there have been parallel reports circulating about the plight of the oppressed white guy.

Yeah, you read that correctly. White men, who have long lived off of the divine privilege of whiteness, are now pulling out of the ole’ proverbial race card and claiming that their whiteness is somehow prohibiting them from moving ahead in society.

You need a second to stop laughing? Sure, I’ll wait. Okay, got that out of your system? Good. Let’s continue.