Sh*t Is Real On Capitol Hill : President Obama’s Approval Rating Slips To New Low

The last eleven years have brought about hard times for many, in terms of the economy, job loss and most importantly, job creation. Continue »

Sh*t Is Still Real For U.S. Troops In Iraq: Five Killed In Baghdad Base Bombing

US Soldiers in Iraq

Let this serve as a reminder of why we’re not rushing to go fight Syria, Lybia, Yemen, or anyone else’s battles. Continue »

Caught Creepin': John Edwards Indicted For Housing His Homewrecker With Campaign Donations

It’s looking like the adulterous politician will be rockin’ the silver bangles in the very near future because a warrant has officially been issued for John Edwards’ arrest. Continue »

Could Losing The NBA Finals Mean No More Big Three In Miami???

LeBron James Dwayne Wade Chris Bosh Miami Heat Big 3

The Miami Heat might have more than just the NBA Finals to worry about if they keep playing like they did last night. Continue »

Gotta Love New York: Sarah Palin’s Tour Bus Vandalized With A Poster That Said …

Sarah should have known the mostly liberal New York city folks weren’t going to let her come and go without a small token of affection. Continue »

Captured Serbian War Lord Denies Ordering The Death Of 8,000 Muslims

Just last week, a suspected Bosnian Serb war lord, Ratko Mladic, was captured, detained and charged with ordering the massacre of 8,000 muslim men and boys in the Bosnian town of Srebrenica in 1995. Continue »


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