President Obama Visits The Motherland


President Obama was out in Ghana this weekend, still messing with girls. (Just Kidding) He visited the Presidential Castle as well as the La General Hospital in Accra. The impact the First Family is having on the planet is remarkable. Pop the top and see Continue »

Barack Obama: Damn I Want to Chop Those Backs Down’


Here is Barack Obama in Italy looking at the draped backs of some innocent 17-year old young thang. It looks like the French President had to get his “gander” on as well. There is nothing wrong with BO getting a little “Vert” on every now and then.

What is Michele going to say about this pic?

Iowa Congressman Votes Against Plaque Honoring Slaves


GOP Representative of Iowa, Steve King, was the only congressman to vote “no” against a plaque, to be placed in the Capitol, recognizing the history of slave labor. His vote of opposition stood alone against a cause that was, otherwise, overwhelmingly easily approved. The House of Representatives voted 399-1 for the Capitol Visitor’s Center to house a plaque acknowledging the slave labor that went into the actual construction of the Capitol building. Continue…

This is Not About Marion Barry Being on Rocks Again But Listen To These Shocking Stalkerish Audio Tapes

marionbarry.citypaper copy

Go under the hood to listen to shocking audio tapes of former DC mayor stalking a woman like a rocked-up serial killer. Marion Barry being a certified base-head is just the beginning Continue »

Malia Obama Backs Her Father’s Efforts to Rid the World of Nuclear Weapons With a T-Shirt


Barack Obama’s oldest daughter, 11-year-old Malia, made her own anti-nuclear statement when she rocked two peacenik t-shirts in Rome. Malia wore the t-shirt with the logo famous for Nuclear Disarmament as her father, President Obama, preps for three days os G8 talk in Italy. Continue>>

Controversial Investigative Report on the Black Church: The Grassley Investigation

black church

We have found that since 1980, that Black Churches have collected more than $400 billion dollars from their congregations. There has been an active approach taken to investigate where the funds are spent and why there is a lack of church sponsored activity in the community. More…

Vertically Challenged People are Seeking to Ban the Word “Midget”, Comparing it to Racial Slurs


Small individuals are attempting to have the word” Midget” banned from broadcasting TV:

Little people are calling on the Federal Communications Commission to ban the use of the word “midget” on broadcast TV. The group Little People of America said today the word is just as offensive as racial slurs. Continue »

President Barack Obama Talks Possibility of North Korea War


President Obama is talking about the prospect of a North Korea war with the U.S.: Continue »

North Korea Is Serious About Wiping U.S. Off the Map

north korean

North Korea is displaying aggressive behavior still:

North Korea test-fired four short-range missiles Thursday, South Korea’s Defense Ministry said, a move that…More

Cynthia McKinney Caught By Israeli Navy

cynithiaMckinney copy

Cynthia McKinney is the first African American woman to represent Georgia in The House of Representatives. She was just captured by the Israeli Navy for trying to enter the Gaza Strip:

The 2008 Green Party candidate for president and the first African-American woman to represent Georgia in The House of Representatives, Cynthia McKinney, was captured by the Israeli navy this week. The navy stopped a boat containing McKinney and nineteen other passengers. They were on their way to Gaza but were stopped after reportedly ignoring a blockade and radio message saying that they would not be allowed to enter the city and to turn around. A statement said that military personnel boarded the ship...More

Controversial Report: The Black Church Has Received Over $420 Billion in Tax Free Dollars Since 1980?

creflodollarbishopeddielong3 copy

According to a controversial investigative report series, Black America doesn’t have much beyond ‘inspiration’ and ‘big churches’ to show for over $420 billion given to the Black church since 1980. More

The First Dog: Bo Obama


Looks like the First Dog, Bo Obama, has been settling in with President Obama comfortably. The two newly found family members are seen in a pictorial below having a ball. Bo seems to have found his stride.

Pop it for more of Bo Obama Continue »

Jesus Take the Wheel: White Man Shoots Black Man Who Was Trying to Keep White Man’s Wife From Getting Beat-Down

man arrrested

This man pulled the trigger on a black man who was just trying to help his wife out. The man pictured up top was kicking her tail, when the two brothers stepped in to help her, the moron shot one of the men and killed him: Continue »

Republican Staffer Thinks Racist Obama Pic is Too Funny

racist photo

A racist republican b*tch sent this sh*t around and has been given a… discipline letter. Notice the bottom right picture with just the eyes? That is supposed to be President Obama:

The picture you’re looking at on the right was allegedly sent from Sherri Goforth, research analyst turned executive assistant for Sen. Diane Black, on May 28 via e-mail, under the headline “Historical Keepsake Photo.” Continue »

John Voight: “Obama Really Thinks He Is Julius Caesar…He Is A False Prophet!”


No wonder Angelina Jolie doesn’t talk to her dad, John Voight. He talked real crazy about President Obama at a Republican congressional fundraiser dinner at the Washington Convention Center last night: Continue »


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