Politicians Upset with Obama’s 1 Day Trip to Denmark…

Turkey Obama

Obama made a recent decision to go to Denmark to push for the Olympics to be hosted in Chicago.  But with his Health care Reform plan underway people think it wasn’t a good idea.

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SMH: Secret Service is Investigating “Kill Obama” Poll on Facebook


Wow. People are bold enough to put anything on social networking sites these days. Some idiot who put a poll on Facebook asking whether President Obama should be assassinated or not: Continue »

For Discussion: President Obama Feels that the Children of America Should go to School


All the single parents in America will be happy to know that President Obama’s new educational plan for American students could have them ditching summers for longer school years.

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Question of the Day: Is a Teacher Wrong For Cursing Out Student For Using the Word “N*gga?”


In the video below, a student uses the word n*gga and is ripped a new tail for it by his teacher. His teacher also decides to go into the boy’s whole demeanor and attitude while the boy responds in his own incoherent-adolescent manner.

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KRS One vs. Barack Obama and The New World Order?


HIPHOPWIRED had an exclusive interview with rap legend KRS-One who has bucked the crowd on Barack Obama.

Click here to see what the brother has to say.

Stay Strong Plaxico

plax-and-antonio copy

We want to wish the best for Plaxico Burress, even though we always give him a hard time for shooting himself in the leg like Cheddar Bob. He made a mistake and is serving his time for it now: Continue »

President Obama on The Late Show: “GTFOH… I’ve Been Black All My Life”


Last night, President Obama was on The Late Show with David Letterman. David asked him about all the racism commentary that has been coming up lately. This is what President Obama had to say… Continue »

Coon of the Day: “Lloyd Marcus”


Lloyd Marcus is a conservative, against Obama,  and he feels the need to sing and dance whenever on stage. He does not consider himself to be an African-American; although, he is known for being as black as midnight and for singing and dancing like a coon whenever the chance is given.

Pop the hood and be appalled at his black face routine Continue »

Three Arrests Made in Possible Terrorist Attack…

NYC Terror

Three arrests were made yesterday for possible terrorists who were plotting an attack on American soil. Continue »

Bolitics: President Obama Is Going to Have to Watch What He Says Around “Folks”


The honeymoon is over with President Obama. When Obama said that about Kanye West, he didn’t know it was being recorded… similar to Messy Jessy’s interlude.

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Former President Jimmy Carter: “Joe Wilson Called Obama A Liar Because He’s Racist”


Former President, Jimmy Carter, is speaking out about what many believe is outright racism reflected in the trends set by some of the Obama protesters and especially in the occasion of last weeks situation:

Former President Jimmy Carter said Tuesday that U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst to President Barack Obama during a speech to Congress last week was… Continue »

Superhead’s Ex Bill Maher Calls The Obama Adminstration “Pu*sies” and “Cowards”


Bill Maher is riding on Obama and the democrats… Continue »

What the Hell???: Skin Whitening Cream Sales…Blowing Up


Lightening creams are blowing up with crazy commercials being pushed overseas. You won’t believe it.

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White Republican Congressman Shouts “You Lie” During Obama Healthcare Speech


During a nationally televised speech on healthcare last night, Republican congressman Joe Wilson from South Carolina shouted “You Lie” at President Barack Obama. Some members of Congress gave him “boos” or a cleaned up “Ho Sit Down.” Continue »

Bolitics: A War For the Souls of Black People

This video is deep. It talks about the decline of the African-American and what we should be doing to better ourselves. Please…watch it.

The voices are pure comedy though…


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