Out Of Pocket CEO Compares First Lady To A Chimpanzee?!?!

The CEO of Tennessee’s Hospitality Association made the bold decision to send an e-mail out to a group of public figures where he compares the First Lady, Michelle Obama, to a chimpanzee. Continue »

Governor Paterson Says “F*ck A Scandal, I’m Riding This B*tch Until The Wheels Fall Off”

Governor David Paterson hit up a church in Bed-Stuy yesterday to let the people know he will not be resigning:

A defiant Gov. Paterson praised the Lord – and himself – Sunday, vowing at a Brooklyn church that he will serve out his term as governor. Continue »

F*ck Those Shady Salahis!!! White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers Stepping Down Next Month

Desiree Rogers is set to vacate her post as White House Social Secretary soon. Rogers faced immense public criticism in the wake of the “White House Party Crashers” scandal involving Tareq and Michele Salahi’s uninvited presence at the November White House State Dinner. More details on the flipside. Continue »

Obama Shuts McCain DOWN! Reminds The Old Fogie “The Election Is Over”

McCain got a lil snappish with President Obama at yesterday’s health insurance summit, but the Prez handled him with no problems — shutting him down with the reminder that “the election is cover.” Gotta love the way our President takes all the wind out of John McLame’s sails without even raising his voice. Continue

Did Gov. Paterson Help A Shady Aide Cover Up His Woman Beating Ways???

As if he wasn’t already looking shady enough, BOSSIP has learned Gov. Paterson is now suspected in intervening on behalf of one of his top aides, David W. Johnson who allegedly assaulted his girlfriend on Halloween in the apartment the two shared for four years. Over the course of several months the woman was visited and received phone calls from the State Police, a member of the governor’s personal security detail and even received a call from the governor himself. Pop the hood for more details. Continue »

Ho Sit Down: Newt Gingrich Needs To Kill All The Sh*t-Talking, Calls Obama “Dumb And A Socialist”

Newt Ging-Grinch is starting to run that mouth of his again: Continue »

Just When Jay-Z Thought He Was Done With The Police… He And Governor Paterson Are Under Federal Investigation

Governor Paterson and Jay-Z have become quite close and are starting to mix business with pleasure. Even though Governor Paterson is quick to tell you that his boy Jay-Z “Got His Back”, the federal government isn’t trying to hear that. Jay-Z and Governor Paterson are under federal investigation for the multibillion-dollar racino venture at Aqueduct Ractrack and AEG’s involvement….Continue

Eighty-Six Percent Of Americans Believe The Government Is Broken…Is This A Surprise???

According to a recent poll, Americans feel that “something just ain’t right” with the US system of government: Continue »

For Discussion: Does President Obama Deserve Another Term??

A recent poll shows that the majority of Americans feel President Obama doesn’t deserve a second term.  While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, check under the hood to see why they feel this way and get more details on the subject. Continue »

No Justice For Sean Bell! Feds Say Officers Won’t Face Civil Rights Charges!!!

The NYPD officers responsible for the barrage of 50-bullets that killed unarmed Sean Bell in 2006 will not face civil rights charges. Continue

This Guy Can’t Be Serious! John Edwards To Wife Up Mistress??

This John Edwards character sure has a lot of balls if this is true:

The disgraced 2008 presidential contender has proposed to his baby-mama, Rielle Hunter, and is even setting her up in a swank $3.5 million beachfront mansion Continue »

The Obamas Are A Cover Couple! Plus Barack Invites Permed Up Al To The White House

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle cover the upcoming March issue of Essence Magazine. Pop the hood for more info and to learn how the Prez stayed productive during the recent DC snowstorm. Continue »

Governor Patterson: “I Haven’t Done Drugs Since My Early 20s”

David Paterson, the Governor of New York state is furious with all the rumors and allegations that have been lingering around about him creepin’ and doing drugs:

An embattled Gov. Paterson yesterday strongly denied rampant rumors of extramarital affairs and drug use as he blasted the media for printing “callous and sleazy” allegations. Continue »

This Broad is Dumb as Hell…

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin was the key note speaker at Tea Party Convention over the weekend and succeeded in making an even bigger fool of herself. Continue…

Out of Pocket: Tea Party Speaker Wants to Reinstate Law to Keep Blacks from Voting

The opening speaker for the Tea Party convention got real out of pocket when he suggested reinstating the literacy test for blacks to stop them from voting. Continue »


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