Ho Sit Down

Hollyweird’s untouchable woman seems to have lost her mind completely and we don’t care how many different color children she collects:

Barack Obama does not have Angelina Jolie’s seal of approval. “She hates him,” Continue »

Obama Expected to Explain Afghanistan War Strategy Next Week

President Barack Obama has held a final strategy session with top aides to decide on whether to send more U.S. troops to Afghanistan. The President plans to announce his decision within days, according to the White House. Continue »

Judge Says Government is Responsible For Katrina

There is no doubt that Hurricane Katrina was a storm of colossal proportions, a rarity even in the current climate of super-charged storm fronts, but it is the ruling of a judge that has given a target for all of those effected by the damage left in its wake.

In a monumental ruling, U.S. District Judge Stanwood R. Duval declared that the government, via negligence on the part of the Army Corp of Engineers, is directly responsible for many of the issues that people encountered after the winds settled. Continue…

End Of Days: Sex Trafficking In The African-American Community Is What Lead To Little Shaniya Davis’ Murder

Pedophile-Sex Trafficking is a new one in the black community, and that is what they are saying Shaniya’s own mother did. We were surprised to find out that 44% of sex trafficking suspects are African-Americans: Continue »

Bolitics: President Obama’s Brother Speaks About Father And Beatings

President Obama’s brother lives in China and met up with his brother recently during the President’s visit there. They also sat his brother, Mark, down for an interview that we have where he discusses their deceased pops.

Pop the top and watch Continue »

Quote Of The Day: Teacher To Alleged Gay High School Student “I Should Hit You In Your F**kin Mouth!”

A TEACHER named Randolph Forde, is in deep mess, after he asked a student if he was gay, supposedly committed terrorist threats, and allegedly put out a hit on the little ‘dude’: Continue »

Did Oprah Get Into Palin’s Cakes, Or Did She Handle It With A Journalistic Approach??

If you missed Oprah’s snide and snark comments yesterday to “Prissy” Palin, then you are in luck. We have the full interview below.

Pop it and watch it Continue »

Stop the Violence: Body Of Chicago School Board President Found In River


Chi-Town, this is getting ridiculous:

In a surprising and shocking twist of fate, the body of Chicago school board President Michael Scott was found floating in the Chicago river. According to police, Scott’s body was found near the Merchandise Mart early Monday in the River North neighborhood with a gunshot wound to the head. Continue…

The Irony: Racist Philly Swim Club Going Out Of Business


Remember that racist swim club in Philly we told you about earlier this year, Valley Swim Club? Well, they just filed for bankruptcy:

The Philadelphia swim club that shocked the nation by denying entry to Black and Hispanic day camp students cannot pay its bills.

According to The Associated Press, the Valley Swim Club is being forced to …Continue

Obama in China: Speaks To Students at Town Hall Meeting

obama china

We know that the Chinese are super strict with online web space, and President Obama had a few tips for students in Shanghai, regarding that among other things:

President Barack Obama gave China a pointed, unexpected nudge to stop censoring the Internet access of its own people, offering an animated defense of the tool that helped him win the White House – and telling his tightly controlled hosts not to be wary of a little criticism.

“I think that the more freely information flows, the stronger the society becomes, because then citizens of countries around the world can hold their own governments accountable,” Continue »

Chinese Racism Talk Peaks as Obama’s Visit Approaches


Racial controversy is on the rise in China because of 20-year-old Lou Jing, a mixed Chinese girl, who won a very popular talent show, Go! Oriental Angel. Next week, President Obama is visiting China, so this racial controversy couldn’t come at a more awkward time.

Lou Jing had never experienced discrimination until this past August when she defeated thousands of other young women on a popular televised show. Lou, whose father is African-American, Continue »

The First Cannabis Cafe Opens Because Of President Obama’s New Federal Policy


The first weed cafe has opened in Portland, Oregon. Continue »

9/11 Terrorists To Get Their A*ses Handed To Them


Eight years later…

9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed and four al Qaeda co-conspirators are headed to Manhattan to face a civilian trial in federal court — and a possible death sentence — just blocks from hallowed Ground Zero. Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: U.S. Army On Track To Break Record… Of Suicides In One Year


People in the Army have been committing suicide at a higher rate than last year. The record for suicides is set to be broken this year by Army servicemen: Continue »

One-Time And Bolitics: Former Louisiana Democratic Congressman Sentenced


In 2006, we told you about a former Democratic Congressman from Louisiana, William Jefferson, getting popped for accepting money from the Feds and hiding all kinds of loot in his freezer. He has just been sentenced to a boat load of jail time: Continue »


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