Al-Qaeda to America: “Muslims Don’t Feel Like Pres. Obama Has Changed Sh*t”

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Looks like Al-Qaeda is not impressed with the turnaround our country is doing under the helm of President Obama:

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Somali Pirates Get Pinched

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Another attempt to hi jack a US cargo ship by these sea bound rogues was thwarted:

The Liberty Sun, a U.S.-flagged cargo ship bound for Mombasa, Kenya, was attacked Tuesday night by Somali pirates, according to the company and senior U.S. military officials. “The pirates fired rocket-propelled grenades Continue »

Somali Pirates Plan Retaliation

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The Somalian pirates have some plans of their own. According to Livesteez, they are planning on retaliating, tenfold:

Pirates have hijacked two ships off the coast of Somalia today. The incident marks the tenth vessel to be seized in the month of April alone. Continue »

Obama Orders Americans to Waste Three Somali Pirates and Rescue Kidnapped Captain

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As you know, Somali Pirates captured an American cargo ship Captain recently. As expected, Navy Seals were called in to pull some cliche Navy Seal sh*t and smoked three pirates to free the Cap’n:

Navy Seal snipers rescued an American cargo ship captain unharmed and killed three Somali pirates in a daring operation in the Indian Ocean on Sunday, ending a five-day standoff between United States naval forces and a small band of brigands in a covered orange lifeboat off the Horn of Africa. Acting with President Obama’s authorization Continue »

Obama’s New Dog Sits Down for Interview…

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The first dog has been introduced to the First Family. He is half black and white…ironic enough. The dogs name has come under some controversy, the name was supposed to be Charlie, but it seems it has changed to, Bo.

We have an interview with the First Dog . You read that correct:

Reporter: Charlie, cats out of the bag on your big debut, we broke the story first. Your country awaits your first official comments.

Charlie/Bo: You called me Charlie! Someone was calling me Bo earlier. I think I’m in the midst of an identity crisis. New house, new family, new name, neutered…..? Not sure on the last one yet but I will say the new name hurts a bit. I like Charlie.

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Conservative White Folks Upset Over Obama Bow to Arabs

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You know if that retard Bush did this, these shady characters wouldn’t have anything to say:

It was the bow seen around the world.

Last week, President Obama greeted King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia with what appeared to be a bow, outraging conservatives Continue »

Pirates Fail At Attempt to Capture Bulk Carrier

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Them Somalian Pirates are up to their old tricks again: Continue »

Assassination Plot Thwarted

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US President Barack Obama in London, England.

Some sleazy Syrian punk was fixing to assassinate President Barack Obama: Continue »

President Obama Awakened By North Korea Missile Launch

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Yesterday our President was in Prague with his elegant wife and First Lady, Michelle Obama. While sleeping last night, Mr. President received a call telling him that North Korea launched a missile:

Visiting Prague, Czech Republic, U.S. President Barack Obama was awakened at 4:30 a.m. Sunday with the news that North Korea had launched a rocket, as it had threatened to do over the past several weeks…. Continue »

Schmoozing with The Royals

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President Barack Obama and Michelle meet with Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

So the media reports that the Obama’s had a dazzling time during their meeting with Queen Elizabeth & husband Prince Phillip, but we have a hard time believing that anyone can enjoy themselves in the company of those two corpses: Continue »

The Obamas on Official Business

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President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in London

Barack & Michelle Obama made their first trip to the UK as President to attend G20 world leaders’ summit dedicated to tackling the global financial crisis. Peep more pics of the Presidential pair with UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown & wife Sarah when you… Continue »

Fifteen Octomom Workers Fired for Getting too Personal

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Octoho, who’s own mom says she’s unstable, had to let go of free help for accessing her files:

Fifteen hospital workers have been fired and another eight disciplined for looking at medical records of octuplet mother Nadya Suleman without permission, hospital officials said. Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical Center reported the violations of health care privacy laws to the state and has warned employees to keep away from Suleman’s records unless they have a medical purpose, hospital spokesman Jim Anderson said Monday. “Despite the notoriety of this case, to us this person is a patient who deserves the privacy that all our patients get,” Anderson said…. Continue »

Judge Pushes For Tax on Medical Marijuana In California

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According to Livesteez, a judge in Cali is acting like he is pushing for the legalization of marijuana, but it’s already legal in Cali. Throwing a heavy tax on the Buddha is what he’s actually trying to do:

James P. Gray, former Orange County judge of 25 years, urges a congressional movement to legalize, regulate and tax the sale of marijuana. According to the L.A. Times, Gray believes that pot consumers over the age of 21 should be able to legally purchase the drug at state regulated government stores. His argument is marijuana “causes nowhere near the amount of death and disease as alcohol. The state would need to see how that works,” he said “before moving on to legalizing the sale of harder drugs.” Grays admits that legalization could lead to a massive escalation of usage but believes it will eventually decrease once the excitement diminishes…. Continue »

Black is Back In

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If you have not noticed, Black is back in. The leader of the free world is black and many other people of color are leading the way in other fields.

Pop the hood to see the long list of people to emulate. Continue »

President Obama Talks About Sasha’s Fight For Life

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President Obama says that when Sasha was three months old, she was hospitalized with life-threatening meningitis: Continue »


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