SMH: Man Popped By One-Time For Murking Girlfriend With Machete After Argument [Video]

Machete?! Really?? What does he do for a living? Chop down coconuts??? Continue »

Woman Fatally Shoots Four And Injures Two During Eviction Hearing [Video]

The savages are everywhere. Continue »

911 Is A Joke: Mother Seeking Monetary Damages After NYPD Pig Breaks Young Son’s Leg And Sexually Assaults Her!

NYPD brutality

Someone needs to clean house in the NYPD and kick these badge-wavin’ thugs off the force. Continue »

Pigs Ain’t Isht: Cop Caught On Cam Dragging Woman [Video]

Another cop caught on cam doing something shady. Continue »

People Ain’t Isht: Woman Throws Hot Water On Disabled Man [Video]

Some people really don’t give a fawk. Continue »


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