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Say Ye’, say Ye’ don’t you look ghey every day-day?? Continue »

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Continue »

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Peep Rih’s new single cover….hate it or love it? Continue »

Name That Donk

Stevie J and Joseline

These cakes belong to a reality show “starlet” who just gained her claim to fame this year. Can you guess who she might be? Continue »

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Tyra Banks running in New York City

Here is Tyra Banks getting her cardiovascular activity on in NYC. Continue »

Making It Rain On These Dogs: Great Dane Named “Zeus” Breaks World Record At 7’4″ Tall!

great dane big george

Can you imagine living life with a dog that tall?!?!?!?! Continue »

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Ever been to McDonald’s in China? They serve their burgers like this… Continue »

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Kris Jenner Shows Off Bikini Body On Cover Of New Idea Magazine

Here is “MOM-ager” extraordinaire Kris Jenner on the cover of New Idea magazine flosiin her bikini body. Continue »

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President Obama got a lift in Fort Pierce, Florida today (by a pizzeria owner who can bench-press 350 pounds and was really happy to see him)

Here is President Obama in Fort Pierce, FL Continue »


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