Caption This

And we wonder why they give out most of the Rap Awards off the air… Somebody feed T-Pain and give this ish a caption QUICK! Look under the hood for one more shot. Continue »

Bow Wow: Women Can’t Handle Having “JUST SEX”… They Become Jealous and Obsessed

According to Shad Moss [Bow Wow], when women decide to have a “SEX”-relationship or “Casual Sex”, things always end up complicated. A woman tends to catch feelings and become jealous if she sees the man that she just had sex with out with someone else.

Bow Wow:
I’ve noticed over my 22 years of living that yes women can be difficult Continue »

Caption This: “Last I Remember I was Face Down, A$$ Up, Clothes Off, Dozed Off, Broke Off…”

Kiely Williams from 3LW, remember her??? Well she’s got a new song out and it ‘s called “Spectacular.” When you hear the title, you don’t think much of it BUT once you listen to the lyrics… This chick is definitely on some other sh*zzz.

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Fill in the Blank

Diddy and Cassie were seen on the scene at M2 nightclub in NYC for DJ Clues birthday bash.  The man standing between Cassie and Diddy to keep the peace is probably saying something like ________.  More flicks of  Diddy, Cassie, Fabolous, Drake, Trey and more under the hood. Continue »

George Lopez Asks Kim & Khloe “What’s Up With Ya’ll and Black Guys???”

The Kardashians invaded “Lopez Tonight” and he got to ask them the question that people want an answer to: “What’s Up with Ya’ll and Black Guys???” Also Kim cleared up the rumors about Reggie proposing if the Saints win the Superbowl.

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Caption This

Prince William saw this man while visiting the Redfern Community Centre for indigenous Australians in Sydney.  If you could read Prince Williams mind he probably would be saying This man ___________.  Fill in the blank and check out more flicks of the random guy under the hood. Continue »

Fill In The Blank: Whitney Houston Lookin’ Like __________?

Whitney Houston got snapped outside the airport in Washington, D.C. with her RayBans on, a plastic hairclip on her dome and this crazy expression on her face. How would you fill in the blank??? Keep reading for another funny face from Nippy. Continue »

American Idol Contestant: F**k American Idol and Mary J. Blige, She Can’t Sing Anyway!!!

American Idol has started and so has all the madness of people who think they can sing. Contestant Lamar Royal definitely gave the judges a run for their money but not in a good way.

Pop the Hood to See Lamar Royal Flip the Script Continue »

Mo’Nique: I am Grateful for All of the Oscar Talk But I Got Sh*zz to Do!!!

In a recent interview, Mo’Nique and Lee Daniels, the director of the movie “Precious”, spoke their thoughts on the Oscar buzz that surrounds the movie and her possibly being nominated for the supporting actress. Mo’Nique made it very clear that Oscar or not, she still has other things to tend too.

Mo’Nique: Anytime I’ve been given an award, it has been because of the performance; what else goes into it?… Continue »

Matt Kemp’s Agent says Matt is Just Soaking Up RiRi’s Panties, That’s It, Nothing Serious!!!

Matt Kemp’s agent, Dave Stewart, has decided to clear the air of all the rumors that his client Matt Kemp is in a relationship with Rihanna:

“I think dating might be a stretch at this point. They are in Cabo, but past that Continue »

Wale’s Thoughts on Sex: F**cking is the New Making-Out!!!

Wale felt the need to express his thoughts on sex and exactly what it means now-a-days in a recent interview. To be specific… the difference between making love and hair-pulling, swappin’ juices, back-breaking sex…

I’ve never considered myself a sex addict, though I do enjoy an occasional nut as much as the next guy…. Continue »

Tiger Woods May Not Claim to be Black but He Sure Does Enjoy the Perks!!!

Back in 1997, a writer from GQ magazine quoted what they say is the REAL Tiger Woods in an interview. Even though Tiger doesn’t associate himself with being black, he doesn’t shy away from the perks that come with it and clearly voiced it during his interview, for example let’s say his half black ___________.

Pop the Hood for Tiger’s Humor… Continue »

Beyonce: If You Ever Meet Me and I have an Attitude, SLAP ME!!!

Back when Bey Bey was 16, she did a little video where she address all the haters. In the video she’s talking about Destiny’s Child and says:

Also stay humble. I know we’re [Destiny's Child] going to stay humble. If you ever meet me Continue »

Tupac Picture: Capture This

Unheard music from Tupac is always popping up, so it’s no surprise that a picture would too. When we see this, we can’t help but think that Tupac thought of himself as a field _________, it symbolizes his grind and hustle.

Tupac – No More Pain Lyrics:
Am I reaching your brain
Ni**a how can I explain Continue »

GOD and The Church vs. Lady GaGa???

Pastor Fred Phleps of the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas has declared war on Lady GaGa and is speaking on behalf of GOD saying that “GOD HATES LADY GAGA!!!” He has put out a press release that promotes and explains why he and his congregation will be protesting outside of Lady GaGa’s concert at the Fox Theatre on Jan. 7 in St. Louis.

Check Out the Press Release Under the Hood

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