Raw Video: Jalopy Security Guard Watches As White Teacher In All Black School Is Handled Trying To Stop An Angry Bird Fight [Video]

poor teacher

This young girl in this video is the epitome of an angry bird. It’s sad that she thinks cursing in that manner is the norm. Continue »

NY Congressman Gets Gangster With Reporter And Threatens His Life! [Video]

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For People Hating On U.S. Reality Show Brawls: Throwback Brawl Compilation From Russia’s Big Brother Where The Men Will Drop Kick A Broad! [Video]

Forget LHH, Basketball Wives, and RHOA… Russia’s Big Brother is on a higher level of violence than Bad Girls Club.

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Catch This Fade: Courtroom Brawl Between Families Breaks Out After Murder Sentence Is Handed Out To Thug Who Killed Pregnant Girlfriend [Video]

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Love & Hip Hop NY Episode 12 Best Moments, What You Didn’t See, And Full Season Finale.: Tahiry Vs Rashidah [Video]

Nick Cannon is boys with Peter Gunz?

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Real Housewives Of Atlanta Highlights & Previews: Apollo Catches Fade And Kenya Wants A Donor With “A Nice Slender Nose” [Video]

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Fawk You, Pay Me! 18-Year-Old Who Kanye Went H.A.M. On For Insulting Kimmy Cakes Wants To Be Paid In Cash


Kanye’s catch fade recipient wants to skip the courts and go straight to the stacks… Continue »

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