Catch FadeThe Baby: Woman Throws Her Baby In Bus Fight [Video]

Seriously… should this mud duck be allowed to have any more kids?

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Catch Fade: Mob Wives Finale “Love Attacks Carla!” And Blood Is Drawn [Video]

So, angry birds come in all races and creeds… for the record.

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Catch Fade: Captain Save-Em Beats Down Abusive Boyfriend In Front Of His Battered Girl & Crying Child [Video]

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Catch Fade: The Halle Berry & Oliver Martinez Scrapping With Paps Footage! [Video]

Nice! If Oliver was black… Halle would have already left him for his violence Continue »

Angry Roid & Road Raged White Guy Goes Ape Sh*t On Couple Until The Tears Flow! [Video]


Pure Comedy!!!

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Halle Berry Vs. The Paparazzi Pt. 2: Actress Spotted Beefin’ Again With Photogs At LAX [Photos]

Halle Berry scuffles with photographers as she arrives at LAX airport with her fiance Olivier Martinez and her daughter Nahla Aubry

Here is Halle Berry scuffling with photographers as she arrives at LAX airport Continue »


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