Nothing New: Police Caught On Tape Beating Black Man Investigation Underway [Video]

This is s cluster fck:

In the video, viewed on Thursday by a Reuters reporter, Daniel appears to raise his hands in surrender as a white police officer throws him to the ground and beats him on the back and head. A second officer also appears to strike Daniel.

“The Nation of Islam wanted to let people know what was done to him,” said Charles Salvagio, Daniel’s attorney. “The guy had his hands up and was trying to surrender. When he came to my office, he looked like he had two heads, it was so swollen.

Salvagio said Daniel also has back injuries as a result of the incident.

Birmingham police officials would not reveal the identities or race of the two officers put on leave. One of the men was already on medical leave, Williams said.

The defense attorney said the officers involved are white.

In January, a jury cleared two Birmingham police officers of brutality charges. In that case, a total of five white officers were seen beating a black man in a video that surfaced in 2009.

All five officers were fired, but the two officers who were acquitted are now trying to get their jobs back. (Editing by Colleen Jenkins and Greg McCune)


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