In HD: Watch Lil Kirko Bangz Scrap With Fan Who Spilled His Drank Out His Cup… Oh, Yeah… Spilled His Drink Out His Cup! [Video]

All of this happened in Kansas where Kirko… came down, hold up, gripped the grain and got rolled up.

Dominican Political Parties Brawl Like Street Gangs: Gun Shots, Bats, Knives [Video]

Thugging third world style!

Go To Jail: Frank Ocean Plans To Press Charges Against Breezy Following Parking Lot Catch Fade

Chris Brown Frank Ocean

These streets ain’t safe with this R&B thug on the loose! Continue »

Mega-Thug Punches Police In The Face, Beats Up 2 Hoes, Then Does Interview! [Video]

Man assaults women, punches officer, and goes on a thugging spree!

Continue »

Catch Fade: Full Valentina Vs Nicole Scrap (BGC Atlanta Episode 4 Preview) [Video]

That Jenn’s voice and look screams “Gutter-Trans.” Continue »


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