#WeHere…In Jail: Mike Epps Wanted For Assaulting Comedian Who Spoofed His Kevin Hart Beef

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Mike Epps Wanted For Assault

Mike Epps is about to post a “we here” selfie from jail…
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*Updated Exclusive* Catch Fade Onstage: Slowbucks Chain Snatched At Summer Jam During Fabolous/50 Cent Set [Photos/Video]

Southside Jamaica Queens ain’t for the play play… Continue »

Drunk In Love: 50 Cent Tells “The Breakfast Club” He Loved Ciara, Says His New Son Was “An Arrangement” And Reveals Bey Once Got Gully With Him Over Jay Z!

50 Cent actually follows G-Code… Continue »

Rickey Smiley Show: Dr. Breedlove Argues With Ebony Steele Because He Thinks “All Black Men Should Have A White Sidepiece” [Video]

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Twin Girls And Mother Stomped And Hair Pulled Out On Tape By ATL Girl Gang “Young Ladies Out Mobbin” [Video]

These birds have the NERVE to call themselves “ladies?”

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Teen Attacks Deli Clerks And Shoots Them Up… Because He Couldn’t Get His Swisher Sweet! [Video]

Dummy could’ve walked down the block and got his smokes. Now, he will have some booty-smuggled-smokes along with a cellmate named “Brutus” to smoke the cigs with. SMH…

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“Papi” In Trouble After Viral Video Shows Him Encouraging His Son To Fight School Bully [Video]

Well… fighting isn’t the answer, but facing your fears IS the answer.

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Catch Fade: Brad Pitt ATTACKED At “Maleficent” Movie Premiere By Same Creep That Tried To Kiss Will Smith


The same weirdo who tried to kiss Will Smith and got slapped strikes again!

Brad Pitt Attacked At “Maleficent” Movie Premiere

Via CNN:

Actor Brad Pitt was struck in the face as he was signing autographs at a movie premiere Wednesday, Los Angeles police said.

Pitt was at the Hollywood premiere of “Maleficent,” starring his partner Angelina Jolie, when a man hopped a barrier and attacked the actor, Sgt. Leonard Calderon said.

Officers arrested the suspect, 25-year-old Vitalii Sediuk, on suspicion of battery.

Sediuk has a history of confronting celebrities at red carpet events. In 2012, he was slapped by actor Will Smith after he attempted to kiss Smith.

At the 2013 Grammy Awards, Sediuk charged the stage before singer Adele could accept her award.

Sediuk also hugged actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper around the knees at separate events earlier this year.

Most recently, he put his head up America Ferrara’s dress at the Cannes premiere of “How to Train Your Dragon 2″ last week.

After the attack Wednesday evening, Pitt and Jolie continued walking the blue carpet. Neither appeared to look fazed by the incident.


Who keeps giving this “reporter” red carpet access???????


Hollywood Exes Ep.4 Best Moments: Andrea’s Boyfriend Tries To Catch Fade And Mayte Pawns Prince’s Stuff [Video]

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