TwitPic POTUS: President Barack Obama Posts 40/40 Club Party Picture Glad-Handing The Camel And Bey Bey

Ol’ Barry O looks right at home hob-knobbin’ with hip-hop’s first family Continue »

Kal Penn Claims President Obama Is ‘Consistent’ On That Sticky Icky Policy

Actor Kal Penn’s puff, puff, passin’ some accolades to his boy Barack. Continue »

New Music–Jarvis Featuring Lil’ Scrappy “Wait Till You See Me” [Video]

Check out the new music video from R&B artist Jarvis. Continue »

ChittChatter: Celebs React To Clint Eastwood’s Cracked Out Speech At The RNC

Guess we’re not the only ones who thought Clint forgot to take his meds. Continue »

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