Amber Rose Denies Any Relationship with Cassidy


Ye’s ex side piece Amber Rose is stepping up and blasting the rumors about her relationship with Cassidy on her twitter page. Pop the hood for more Continue »

Keyshia Cole, CiCi and Monica – the New TLC?


Imagine this dream trio – Keyshia Cole, CiCi and Monica. How ridiculous would that be? Pop the hood for more shots of Keyshia, Dream, CiCi, Monica and a shirtless suspect-looking Bobby V Continue »

Neffe and Frankie Reality Show: Please, Don’t Go There, We Beg You

frankie the fool and neffe the 5 time mother 5 different daddies

Neffe and Frankie are in the works with BET to debut their own reality show. Too bad, Keyshia says the only way that is going down is if she is the Executive Producer to filter the madness. Continue »

Coupled Up: Carmelo Anthony and La La Do Date Night with Lakers

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Carmelo Anthony and La La got their date night on with Lamar Odom and his mystery girl and Derrick Fisher and Candace Fisher at Katsuya in LA. It was wives and girlfriends night so things were pretty tame.

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Ho Sit Down: Nicki Minaj Says “I Don’t Want to Be Categorized with Any Other Female Rappers”

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It seems in this day and age most rappers are losing all accountability and individuality. Nicki Minaj says she is not like Lil Kim or any other rapper:

Pop the top and watch her unintelligent and fake @ss talk in circles Continue »

Beyonce’s Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Beach

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Bey is out in Monaco showing all the boys her thick goodies. Hov, where are you? No worries, that big arm in the background belongs to her bodyguard and he’s about to chin check ‘ole boy walking up on Bey.

Pop the top to see more pics of Bey, Momma Knowles and the Bodyguard, Julius… Continue »

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Solange’s Pits

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beyonce solange puro

Solange forgot to touch up those musty pits of hers before performing at the Puro club in Berlin, Germany. Beyonce was there and helped Solange’s show out a bit by taking the stage and microphone.

Pop the top to see Bey and Soso in Germany Continue »

Tyra’s Stalking Julia Roberts

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Tyra just got rid of her psycho @ss stan and now she’s gettin’ her stan on with Julia Roberts. Flip the lid for more Continue »

Beyonce Gets Harassed by Chil’ren in NY + More Holland Shots

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beyonce, solange, and moms

We have made sly remarks about Beyonce’s family being with her all the time. This morning we spotted these pictures of Bey, Solange, and Momma Knowles in Holland, and it made us wonder; what if Solange and her mom were not there? Bey would be lonely as hell.

Change the subject. We have a video below of Bey getting hounded by some young ducklings. It looks like it takes everything in Beyonce’s power not to say…”Get the f*ck out my window!”

Pop the top to see the video of the kids harassing Bey and more pictures from Amsterdam… Continue »

Who Looked More Bangin??

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Sanaa Lathan and Leona Lewis…oh, wait…that’s Kim Kardashian. Anyway, they hit the streets of NY last night for dinner with “Blood Diamond” Russ and a few other cats.

Out of the two women, Who Looked More Bangin??

Pop it to see more…

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Beyonce and Momma Knowles Dressing Alike?

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beyonce and moms

Momma Knowles was there to greet Beyonce when she arrived at JFK yesterday. Looking at Beyonce’s mom is like a preview of the future Beyonce. What do ya’ll think?

Last night was date night for the Carter’s and they are pictured below, suprisingly getting affectionate, along with more of the meeting with moms at the airport. Continue »

Beyonce to Mathew Knowles “Back Off Old Man…I Got This Now!”

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Bey is finally putting her foot down when it comes to her dad meddling in her business:

Beyonce Knowles is finally telling her manager and father, Mathew Knowles, to back off. Continue »

Amber Rose and Kanye West: He Put Her On

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We told you Kanye was the best thing to happen to Amber Rose since flavored lubrication. This is the new promotional ad for Louis Vuitton. Everyone knows that the closest Amber would have came to a Louis promotional ad is rubbing it on the bus stop. Is Rose F*cking for ad’s???

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Toni Braxton Impersonator Asking For Your Help

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The Toni Braxton impersonator we reported on a while back, Trina Johnson, is pleading for your help with her legal woes:

A rep for celebrity impersonator Trina Johnson-Finn who was arrested in Suriname and charged with fraud for performing as Toni Braxton, has released a statement saying her client has been held “under corrupt conditions” since early March. Publicist  Billie Jordan said Johnson-Finn’s proof of innocence “was clearly established.” In accordance with the law, U.S. booking agency RNRH Entertainment employed Johnson to impersonate Braxton, according to Jeter. Johnson-Finn states: “I am completely innocent. I was hired to do a tribute imitation act for a birthday celebration.”… Continue »

Keyshia Coles’ Sister Neffe Pregnant Again and Frankie Acts Like Cluck Head

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Neffe is pregnant with her 5th child, and doesn’t seem to be too happy with her fiance’, soullow, for spreading his unwanted seed: Continue »