Rodney King ‘Gets Along’ With Juror From His Cop Beating Case

Rodney and Cynthia

Talk about the ultimate come up. Rodney King, also known as the man who caught a major LAPD beatdown is about to get married to the woman who helped him become a millionaire. Continue »

Regina King Blasts The Emmy’s For Being ‘White As Ever’ After They Mistake Her For Rutina Wesley

Regina King And Rutina Wesley

Long-time actress Regina King shared how she REALLY felt about the 62nd Annual Prime Time Emmy awards in an open letter. According to her, not only did they publish pictures of actress Rutina Wesley and say it was her, but they have also snubbed black actors over the years with no sign of improvement ahead. Continue »

Joe Jackson Says Azz Whoopins Kept Michael Outta Gangs

Joe Jackson Spanked Mike

Azz whoopin’s are the new gang busters. Only a week after The King Of Pop’s birthday, Jo Jackson has come out to say that beatin’ Mike’s azz actually saved him. Continue »

Khloe Kardashian Goes IN On ‘Cowardly Haters’ For Following Her Every Move

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Shrek-Head Kardashian stepped out of her sisters shadow to set the record straight. The target of her fury? The very people that make her famous. Continue »

T.I. And Tiny Update: Authorities Say They Were About To Get It ‘Poppin’

Tiny and T.I. Arrested

We told y’all this morning that T.I. and Tiny got popped for possession of a controlled substance. Well, new reports just emerged and the ‘controlled substance’ is….. (drum roll please) Continue »

Count Cirocula Strikes Back! Diddy Says Ex Employee Got Fired For Gettin’ Ripped Not Gettin’ Old

Diddy Fires Old Hag

And he won’t stop…cuz he can’t stop. Count Cirocula is not going to let some old hag sully his enterprise. We told y’all about the old bird who claimed Diddy fired her for being 51 and white. Well Diddy’s people say she was fired alright… for everything BUT being an old ornery bird. Continue »

Pole Dancing Becky Says Wesley Snipes’ Sweaty Goons Are Following Her

Wesley and Stripper

If Wesley Snipes thought this b*tch was gonna help his shiny black azz, he’s got another thing coming. The wife of controversy laden lawyer Ken Starr says Wesley sent some private d*cks to uncover evidence that might help exonerate him from the tax evasion charges that will likely send him to the bing for 3 years. Continue »

Once You Go Black, You DO Go Back! Kimmy Cakes Says She Wants A ‘Normal Armenian Boy’

Kim Wants To Date Armenian Men

First Kimmy Cakes was jumpin’ on every football pile-up she could find in search of a rich athlete. Now, after a failed attempt with soccer player Alecko Eskandarian, she has come out to say she just wants a ‘normal Armenian boy.’ Continue »

Reggie Bush Does Better Without Thirsty Azz Attention Whores

Regggie Bush DOes Better Without Women

It’s been all smiles since Reggie shook those money hungry hip-hoes. He got rid of Kimmy Cakes after her scene stealing Superbowl fiasco and de-clawed Amber Rose who was scratching at his door to be taken out. Continue »

Off The Market: Chris Bosh Proposes To His Girlfriend In Miami

Chris Bosh Proposes To Adrienne Williams

Looks like it’s going to be quite a year for Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh. First he signed a mega deal to play with King James and the Miami Heat, then he rings the opening bell on Wall Street and now, he has proposed to his lovely girlfriend Adrienne Williams. Continue »

Chris Brown Responds To Rihanna’s Twitter Takeover

Chris Brown And Rihanna Twitter

This sh*t is too funny. Rihanna has decided to join the ranks of Twitterati and take over her Twitter account. The rambunctious red head posted her first Tweet and her ex just HAD to say something about it. Check out the hilarity. Continue »

Tiki Barbers Blonde Bustdown Defends Her Homewreckin’ Ways

Tiki and Tracy

The jump offs are out of control. They all either say they didn’t know, didn’t do it or don’t care. Tiki Barber’s new girlfriend has come forward in a feeble attempt to defend their relationship and says all three. She claims he was done with his pregnant wife long before she came along. Continue »

Are You Feeling Bald Headed Beast And Her Gilded Grill Piece?

Amber Rose in Miami

Amber Rose was spotted out in Miami rockin’ a gold grill and mean muggin’ for the camera. Baldilocks was shooting for Hip-Hop Weekly’s ‘Swimsuit and Summer Style’ issue, at the Grand Beach Hotel. Continue »

Shaq Is Still Choppin’ Down These Used Up Reality Show Backs?

Shaq and Hoops

Shaq was spotted out with Hoopz used up reality show backs again. Rumor has it that this VH1 D lister has been connected to a bunch of people in the industry including Flava Flav, T.I. and Slim Thug. Now, she’s out gettin’ that divorced baller money. Continue »

Naomi Campbell’s New Crew: Jay-Z, Beyonce & Quincy Jones

jay-z and naomi

Blood Diamond Naomi has been marred with controversy since she testified against Liberian dictator Charles Taylor in his war crimes trial. To take a break, she has decided to gather up a new crew and head out on a Mediterranean cruise. Rumor has it that she’s taking some notable names with her. Continue »

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